Scarlet Witch MCU Movie : Will She Ever Get A Solo Movie?

Woahhh! The question itself is somewhat mysterious. Recently in the last MCU movie, “Doctor Strange in the multiverse madness,” Scarlet Witch MCU (played by Elizabeth Olsen) appeared and played the role of a villain. 

The movie itself proved to be a great blockbuster. People are curious now whether the Scarlet Witch MCU movie will come or not? 

Previously it was no doubt that the character would always play along in the MCU projects. 

However, after Doctor Strange 2, there is a possibility that the Scarlet Witch MCU will be screened in her solo movie in the future.

Some rumours are circulating on social media, and the horde is very excited to get the information about it. So, Sassyshows is here with all updates. 

Elizabeth Olsen’s response to the crowd!

Scarlet Witch MCU
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In an interview, Olsen was asked whether the Scarlet Witch MCU movie would be there or will she make an appearance in the Disney+ series “Agatha: House of Harkness? 

Her response was a reply to what every Marvel star makes when asked such a question—keeping things closer to the chest. 

She replied that she would love to be a part of both the series and the movie. However, she is not aware of any particular thing right now. No one has said anything to her.

She is unaware of her future in this matter. Further, she said that if something were going to happen, she would have already told the fans about the same as she is not good at keeping secrets. 

Further about the potential Scarlet Witch MCU movie:

Scarlet Witch MCU
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The ending of Doctor Strange 2 has kept the gap of another appearance of the Scarlet Witch. 

After combating America Chavez, Wong (a.k.a Benedict Wong), and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Wanda Maxim-off finally gets a chance to be with her children. 

Nevertheless, they are scared of her, making Wanda realise that she has become what she was afraid of. To correct the wrong she has done, she destroys her mountain and throne, resulting in killing herself. 

The view consists only of a collapsing mountain carried by a red flashlight. Nobody has seen anything beyond it. In a statement passed by the writer of Doctor Strange 2, he suggested that there is a strong possibility that Wanda may survive the blast.

What if Wanda dies? Will there be a possibility of a Scarlet Witch MCU movie?

Scarlet Witch MCU

Even if Wanda dies, there is a possibility that she may appear again in a multiversal way! 

Just like the Black Widow reappeared again in a prequel telling us about the storyline between “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame,” or like Loki unfolded himself in the Disney+ series, the possibilities are pretty high that Scarlet Witch may emerge in another Marvel Project. Elizabeth Olsen is expecting this to be true and is very excited if this turns out this way!

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