5 Scariest The Black Phone Moments That Will Make You Swoon

Guys, hold on to your seat and read ahead at your own risk. Do you love horror movies? Because this one is for sure to scare you off! 

OMG, the name itself is so scary—Imagine how scarier the story would be.

We advise you to turn on some dim lights before watching this movie. If you’re watching in a theatre, be sure to get scared as this horror movie, The Black Phone is next level. 

It’s about Finney Shaw: a shy 13 years old boy who’s being held in a soundproof basement by a sadistic and masked killer. Oh, it’s not over yet! 

When a disconnected phone on the wall starts to ring, he soon discovers that he can hear the voices of the previous of the murderer’s previous victims. This one-hour forty-two minutes movie is sure to give you all the thrills and chills!

There are hell lot of scary moments in The Black Stone movie, but here are some of the best ones 

This is a short story from 2004. Have you recognized something by the names? Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son’s alias. It’s an interesting movie and there is a lot of chatter and talk on social media about The Black Phone Scariest Moments: Let’s get going…

Scariest The Black Phone Moments 

Finney and Gwen’s Fight

Black Phone
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Well, let us tell you this scene might look normal, but it was indeed scary. Finney gets picked on at school for various reasons. His friend, Robin, always had his back when bullies came after him, though. 

But when Robin gets kidnapped, the bullies chase Finney home and eventually start beating him—OMG, what’s gonna happen next? 

Gwen steps in to rescue her brother while bashing one kid’s head with a rock. 

He also soon gets her bashed to the face. Isn’t the child-on-child violence scene the hardest thing to watch?

Gwen’s Psychic Dreams 

We already saw what appears to be home movies of Bruce with his parents. Ahead it’s shown that Bruce ages and then we see him abducted by the Grabber. 

From nowhere then, Finney is behind a window screaming for help, and BOOM that was Gwen’s Psychic Dreams. Later many dreams just were too horrifying to watch.

Dripping Blood

Black Phone
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That’s not the only time in The Black Phone that a child victim is used for a jump scare. About halfway through the film, it’s seen Finney waking up to the sound of dripping.

It’s assumed it might be water coming from somewhere which would help him escape and that was not water he was hearing drip and it was coming from a floating body!

The Grabber’s Game 

We all know even though the other boys are missing and presumed dead, some are calling from beyond the grave through the black phone. 

Later, Grabber offers food and soda wearing the smiling mask but Finney declines. He was trying to make him feel safe but it was all a trap!

The Final Battle

Black Phone
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Everyone knows it’s so hard to predict whether a horror movie is worth having a happy or sad ending. All the twists happening where Finney was staying at was indicating something else. 

But there are two houses too, do you think the police will reach there on time or he’ll be dead? The final battle between the Grabber and Finney.. was surely an intense one. 

Do you agree with us that these Black Phone scenes are actually scary?

Stay tuned for more such updates! Comment below about your favorite horror scene!

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