Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast: The Show Added 4 Surprisingly New Members 

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How have you been? We hope you’re enjoying this lovely weather. Ah, imagine this sometimes gloomy and sometimes rainy weather, and while you stare out and enjoy this, why now keep reading this pleasant trending news we have for you? Any guesses? What is it about? La, La, La, we are talking about Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast! Yes, after some major shake-ups due to the exit of the old cast members, the show is ready to return with a bang. So, here is all we know so far about Saturday Night Live Season 48 new cast… 

For the ones who know nothing about Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast
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SNL is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by none other than Lorne Michael and developed by Dick Ebersol. Ah, a lot of people love this show, and we are one among them!

With all the hype around, here we bring something which will surprise you 

Did you know something about Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast? Ah, this article is just about it. 

We were amazed and thrilled to know about this as a series of departures were made from this long-going comedy show. However, we have loved the journey where the cast has gone and come. But you need to know about this new cast!

So the names of Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast members are: 

Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast
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Recent additions include Devon Walker, Michael Longfellow, Marcello Hernandez, and Molly Kearney. Followed by the featured players Andrew, Punkie, James, and Sarah!

How can we miss on saying when the audience would get to see their first look?

Saturday Night Live Season 48 new cast will be seen on October 1st. Also, the new cast member Walker has an incredible history in stand-up comedy and has served as a writer. 

Michael Longfellow has also appeared in stand-up comedy shows. We are shocked to know Marcello Hernandez has served as a Creative director. Also, Molly has recently starred in Amazon’s reboot tv series. 

Ah, we never knew these new cast members had been seen before this way. Omg, it looks like they don’t need any introduction!

So many have already left the show; do we need to expect anything more?

Saturday Night Live Season 48 New Cast
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Keeping our fingers crossed, we are hoping to expect a new thrilling vibe at the show now. 

Do you think the ratings would go up with this new cast joining? We are remaining optimistic about this as maybe this long-running show needed it. The showrunner Lorne Michael has once said it was a transition year—so you agree to it, guys?


Guys, comment on what you are expecting from this upcoming SNL Season. Don’t forget to follow us; we promise you we’ll be back soon, with a bang! We love you guys! Sayonara!

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