When will Sasuke Die in Boruto and How?

When will Sasuke Die in Boruto and How?

After Naruto and Sasuke’s fight with Jigen, both mentally and physically, they took a heavy toll as they have very further to go in terms of power, especially Sasuke, as he could not help in the fight.

Sasuke has suffered a major loss the first time he faced Jigen, and the second time when Jigen transformed into Isshiki, Sasuke lost his Rinnegan, which helped him escape the first time. But the most important question is, Is Sasuke going to die in Boruto? 

When will Sasuke Die in Boruto and How?
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Is Sasuke Going to die in Boruto?

As the Boruto series started, it started with a very controversial start, where it was shown the destruction of the Konoha Village and Boruto and Kawaki fighting with each other. They also said that Naruto, AKA Seventh Hokage, is in another dimension.

Sasuke is the sensei of Boruto, and he has pleaded to kill him whenever Momoshiki tries to overtake his body. But there is no mention of Sasuke at the start when leaf village was destroyed. That has stirred many rumors of his death before Boruto and Kawaki.

When will Sasuke Die in Boruto and How?
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Does Sasuke die in Boruto Manga?

No, up to this point, Sasuke has not died in the Boruto manga, but he has had a close call with death in the fight with Isshiki where he lost his Rinnegan eye. Still, fans are disappointed in the bad portrayal of Sasuke in Boruto.

Sasuke is the strongest Uchiha clan member, and yet he has not managed to land a single blow on Isshiki. His bad performance is a rare scene in battle and fans are disappointed in Sasuke’s character development.

When will Sasuke die?

There is no real news from the manga and the writers for Sasuke’s end in Boruto. But, there are still some rumors floating around that Code will kill Sasuke. Code is the most loyal member of Kara (Jigen’s group), and it is shown that Code is the most powerful of them all.

Code has even surpassed the power levels of Jigen itself, and Jigen feared that, so he put a power limiter on him. Once Code revives his original power and comes back for vengeance, it is rumored that he will kill Sasuke. But nothing is confirmed by any Boruto source.

When will Sasuke Die in Boruto and How?

After Effects of Sasuke’s death

Sasuke’s death will surely bring many turns in the series. Sarada will activate her Mangekyou Sharingan with her grieve loss. Naruto will not be able to bear this loss as he has recently lost his best buddy and partner Kurama; another loss of his best friend will break him. The chances of Boruto going into rage mode and submitting his body to Momoshii are very high as Boruto shares a deep bond with his Sensai, Sasuke.

We all loved Sasuke’s journey until now, and some fans would love to see his way up to the top once again as he is the strongest of the strongest clan. What do you think? Will Sasuke die in Boruto, and if yes, then comment below. Who will take him down?

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