Fans Are Clamoring For This Sandman Spinoff!! 

With the Sandman movie knocking at the doors, the fans are already expecting a Sandman spinoff with a major character. So, will there be one? Here is all we know…

We hope you have kept up with the trend of how our big heroes turn their universes into real-time experiences!! With the ultimate rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe and Image Comics adaptations, there have been numerous characters that we have been witnessing the magic of on the big screen… and how do we love them and their aura!! These adaptations have received immense love from the viewers and have dedicated fan clubs worldwide!! This graph had seen a rise like never before and was never expected to happen if we walk some 20 years back!!

The Sandman Spin-Off – Soon to come!!

Sandman Spinoff
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With all the adaptations happening, we still were waiting to see the one which is a long time due. And that’s Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo title, “The Sandman.” But the wait is about to get over soon…, and the credit goes to the upcoming series on Netflix by Neil Gaimin himself. We will soon witness a dedicated TV series adaptation of “The Sandman,” as Gaiman and Warner Bros. have recently signed a deal with Netflix, and things will be shaping up soon!! With Tom Sturridge portraying Morpheus, Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, and Boyd Holbrook as none other than the terrifying Corinthian!!

The Sandman Is Coming Soon!! 

Sandman Spinoff
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With the trailer release, the fans are all high with the dark atmosphere visuals, which have already taken over the fans with a frenzy!! Before the first images of “The Sandman” cast took the internet, fans were already going bonkers to see more of Lucifer Morningstar, aka Gwendoline!

Though there is already a version of Lucifer owning a TV series in its name starring Tom Ellis, the procedural approach to Ellis was quite different compared to the comic book version. And this was noted by Gaimin himself!! 

But this time, we shall have Morpheus crossing his paths with Lucifer when he travels to hell to retrieve his much-known helmet after being locked up for decades. This is definitely one of the much-awaited adaptations the viewers have been waiting for. And it is all set to release soon.

Last year in 2021, the fans of “The Sandman” had already praised the casting of Christie and wanted more of her!! Netflix gave a green signal to the “Lucifer” series to be aired on its platform when Fox canceled it in 2018. 

There is now a possibility there could be a whole new deal on the table with Warner Bros. working on it. We are so excited to watch The Sandman Spin-Off.

Fans Want A Sandman Spinoff With Gwendoline Christie!! 

Sandman Spinoff
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The arrival of the first images of the Sandman has ignited a huge following among the fans. They are simply desperate to see more of Gwendoline Christie’s character, Lucifer Morningstar. So, will there be a Sandman spinoff with Gwendoline? It depends upon the success of Sandman… 


As the release of The Sandman is announced to be on August 5, 2022, the fans are eagerly waiting to see their much-awaited adaptation. We wish the team our best wishes and hope it receives numerous accolades.  

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