Sanditon Theo James Revealed The Real Reason That Made Him Leave The Show!! 

It’s been only a few weeks since Sanditon season 2 has wrapped. It has been a highly expected follow-up of the first installment. Though season 2 had a bunch of exciting elements to entertain the fans, the absence of Sanditon Theo James, made the fans upset. 

Moreover, with rumors looming around that the fan-favorite star has walked out of the show, it’s pretty difficult for the fans to absorb this sudden shock. So, has Sidney really left the show? If yes, what made Sanditon Theo James leave such a popular series? Here is what Theo revealed. 

Sanditon Theo James revealed the real reason behind his exit!! 

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Sanditon is a series which have not only impressed the period drama fans but also the fans of romance and history. The show revolves around Charlotte, a young woman, who is the daughter of a farmer. 

However, a storm of change hits her life when she meets a wealthy family hailing from the town of Sanditon. The family dragged Charlotte to Sanditon to enjoy the summers. As the story proceeds, Charlotte finds herself in lots of drama, gossip, and romance. She goes through a lot of heartbreaks, romance, and love. 

Sanditon Season 2 continued dealing with social matters while exploring the true essence of romance and drama. Though the show is based on a popular novel, its source material is still incomplete. This gives the liberty to the writers to explore different topics in romance with the backdrop of pain, sorrow, and thrill. 

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So, with everything happening in Sanditon season 2, we believe the new season will reach its peak when it comes to being the best period drama piece. 

When it comes to the casting of Sanditon 3, it’s likely to be the same. Lennox played by Tom Weston-Jones, and Alexander Colbourne played by Ben Lloyd Hughes will be returning to the new season with the other main stars. 

However, one of the main controversial characters among the fans is Sidney. If you are a fan of this series, you already know how popular Sanditon Theo James is as Sidney Parker. With his incredible acting, he has left the fans stunned. But, with his absence in Season 2, the fans are not happy. So, will Theo James return to Sanditon Season 3?

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Will Sanditon Theo James return?

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Well, as of now, the answer is a big no. Theo James has revealed that he is not returning soon to the show. Moreover, he claimed that his character deserved not more than one season and he is currently focusing on other big projects. The show creators of Sanditon also revealed the same. So, it’s pretty crystal clear that Sanditon Theo James will not return to the show as of now. 

Will you watch Sanditon Season 3 without Theo James? Tell us in the comment box. 

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