Sanditon Season 3 Spoilers: One Major Character Is Not Returning!! 

Sanditon is bidding farewell to the most significant character. As per the Sanditon Season 3 spoilers, one major character who had appeared in the first two seasons of the PBS drama, will sadly not be reprising her role in the 3rd season, whose next episodes are scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Hold your breath, we are going to give you some crazy Sanditon Season 3 Spoilers here! 

Sanditon Season 3 Spoilers: Which character will not appear in the new season?

Sanditon Season 3 Spoiler

All Sanditon fans, we have some bad news for you. As per the latest Sanditon Season 3 spoilers, the show is saying goodbye to Esther Babington.

Clara Brereton (Lily Sacofsky) foiled Edward Denham’s (Jack Fox) evil scheme to have his step-sister Esther committed to a mental institution at the end of Season 2.

Clara, who had recently given birth to Edward’s child out of wedlock, exposed Edward’s scheme, even though it meant she would miss out on receiving their wealthy aunt’s fortune. She then abandoned her infant son with Esther, who was longing for a child but unable to bring one to term.

So, sadly Esther’s journey finishes here, at least in the realm of Sanditon, now that she has fulfilled her aim of becoming a mother and settled the score with her dishonest step-sibling. 

Esther has ‘everything she has ever wanted!’

Sanditon showrunner Justin Young commented on Esther’s plot in an interview. He felt it came to a natural end in the season 2 finale, he said.

I think Esther has everything she has ever desired when we leave her at the end of season 2,” he remarked. “She’s happy, married, and now she has a child she adores, so I believe Esther’s narrative is over as far as I’m concerned.”

So, what about Edward and Clara? 

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Wondering if there are any more Sanditon Season 3 Spoilers?

Well, the positions of Edward and Clara on the show are in jeopardy. Clara has left Sanditon and her child behind at the end of Season 2. 

It’s unclear what, if anything, would entice her to return to the beach town. Edward’s account, on the other hand, is less clear. After discovering his plots, his character was booted out of the army towards the end of season 2. 

He was penniless and had no choice but to seek refuge from his aunt, Lady Denham (Anne Reid). She took him in, not out of pity for him but to make him pay for his wrongdoings.

Is there anyone who will not be returning for season 3?

Can you take another Sanditon Season 3 Spoiler? If yes, read this. 

Well, Spencer isn’t the only Sanditon cast member who won’t be returning for season 3. Colonel Lennox was played by Tom Weston-Jones, who joined the cast in season 2. 

Charlotte was played by the dashing army officer Rose Williams. He did, however, have a tumultuous history with Colbourne’s (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) late wife. He and his troop also racked up large bills in town that they refused to pay, putting the town’s merchants in a bind.

After being dispatched to India, Lennox and his regiment decamped in the season 2 finale. As a result, it’s not surprising that his character won’t appear in any future episodes.

“I don’t believe it’s much of a spoiler to say that we won’t see Lennox again in season 3,” Young added. “It’s as though he’s vanished.”

Sanditon Season 3 Spoiler
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Justin Young claims that he does not want his characters to be ‘walking on water.’

Viewers who have been immersed in the stories of Charlotte and Lennox may be disappointed by their departures. However, having individuals come and leave only makes sense from a storyline standpoint for Young.

“I’ve always stated with respect to this program that, like a novel, I think we have to appreciate the fact that characters have finite stories,” he remarked. 

“Rather than having them in a kind of ensemble treading water after their stories are finished, I’d rather just say that’s the end of their story. They move on, and we will continue to bring new characters in”.

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