Sanditon Season 3 Leaks: These Major Characters Will Not Return In Season 3!! 

Hunting for some super awesome Sanditon Season 3 leaks? We bet this article will be a treat for you.

So, finally, after a break, Sanditon is returning with a fresh season. All thanks to the show’s U.S. fans who compelled PBS to instill a new life, near its cancelation. Therefore, with the third season gearing up to rock the screens, the fans are really keen to get hands-on some hot Sanditon Season 3 leaks. If you are one of them, no worries, as Sassyshows is here with a bag full of new updates. Here is all we know so far. 

Sanditon Is Returning With Season 3!!

Sanditon Season 3 leaks
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Sanditon Season 2 left the fans on April 2022, dropping the ultimate shock. With the news of season 3 on the horizon, the viewers are hunting for some got leaks and spoilers. So, here is all you need to know. 

The screenwriters of the Sanditon series are doing a fabulous job refurbishing the incredible unfinished story. As per the latest Sanditon Season 3 leaks, the upcoming season will bring only six episodes, which is a bit of a bummer season. Till date, the fans were treated with eight episodes. However, season 3 will only bring six episodes. Ya, it’s a bit low, but we are not complaining as six is better than none. 

If we hail back to Sanditon Season 2, we saw that the writers are more than capable of delivering the best plot and a blend of pure entertainment with six episodes. So, the main question coming out is when will we get the new episodes? What is the Sanditon Season 3 release date? Here are all details. 

Sanditon Season 3 Release Date 

Sanditon Season 3 leaks
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Well, the good news coming out is season 3 of Sanditon has already begun filming. Ya, you heard that right. So, all the fans out there will not have to wait for a long to get hands-on the brand new episodes. 

As per the latest Sanditon Season 3 leaks, the new season will not be aired before 2023. The new season will be available on PBS and Masterpiece. 

Sanditon Season 3 Leaks: What To Expect? 

Fans don’t be sad. Though Sanditon Season 2 left you all stunned with Charlotte’s engagement, the spark between her and Colbourne is still sizzling. We predict we will find him again in season 3 with a slightly different appearance and role, but it will surely be a treat. According to the latest Sanditon Season 3 leaks, the two are still in passionate love. So, we will be at the edge of our sits to see what happens next. 

Sanditon Season 3 Cast 

Sanditon Season 3 leaks
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As season 2 and season 3 were shot back to back, we expect most of the cast members will return. However, as per the Sanditon Season 3 leaks, some of the major characters will bid a goodbye to the series. 

Colonel Lennox and, perhaps more surprisingly, Esther will not be returning to Sanditon Season 3. 

So, fans, what are your expectations from the new season? Make sure to comment down below. Also, follow us for more Sanditon Season 3 leaks and spoilers. 

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