Sanditon Season 3 Leaks: Was Colbourne Going To Propose To Charlotte?

We know Sanditon Season 2’s climax has left you with a bunch of questions. So, Sassyshows is here with some insane Sanditon Season 3 leaks that will blow your mind.

Sanditon Season 2 was loaded with twists and turns. Whether it’s the death of Sidney Parker or the shocking announcement of Charlotte’s engagement, the plot kept the fans hooked all the time. However, as we reached the climax of Season 2, we found Charlotte rejecting her new love, Alexander Colbourne, and announcing her engagement with the farmer, Ralph Starling.

So, will Charlotte marry Ralph or Colbourne will step back into her life? Moreover, where was Colbourne departing at the end of the season, and was he going to propose to Charlotte? If these questions are looming around your mind, here are some awesome Sanditon Season 3 leaks that will stun you. 

Sanditon Season 3 Leaks
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Sanditon has turned out to be one of the biggest period dramas ever created. Andrew Davies assembled the broken pieces of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, Sanditon to deliver a jaw-dropping series to the viewers. While the first season turned out to be an instant hit, the second season has left the fans with multiple cliffhangers.

The biggest questions coming out are – what were Colbourne’s intentions during his last conversation with Charlotte? Does he want Charlotte to return to her role as Leonora and Augusta’s governess? Was he there to propose to her? Or once again Charlotte will be left heartbroken? While these questions were haunting the fans, the creators finally opened up. Here are some amazing Sanditon Season 3 leaks that reveal the show’s future. 

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Sanditon Season 3 Leaks Reveal Why Charlotte Did Not Marry Colbourne!!

Sanditon Season 3 Leaks
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One question that is disappointing the fans on every step is why can’t we see the fan-favorite Charlotte living a peaceful life with her love. First, we saw how Sidney broke her heart and now it’s Alexander Colbourne. 

In an interview, Sanditon’s creators revealed the real reason why Charlotte has not yet found the love of her life. Justin Young said the fact the show is coming back with the third season defines why she has not found her love. He further adds when Charlotte will get a happy closure with the man she loves, it will also mark the climax of the show. 

Young said, “I think in Austen, once the couple is married that’s kind of it. That’s the end of the story. That’s the endgame.” He further added, “Having been brokenhearted by the end of season 1, it would have felt slightly indecent to then go. Ah, six episodes later, she’s completely moved on. She’s got a new happy ending. It’s all fine.” “So, I don’t think she’s quite there yet by the end of Season 2.” 

Passing this next statement, Young dropped some major Sanditon Season 3 leaks. He said, “And I think you will see in a year’s time. The complications in Sanditon Season 3 between Charlotte and Colbourne (will) keep you guessing right up to the climax.” 

Sanditon Season 3 Leaks: Was Colbourne Going To Propose To Charlotte? 

Sanditon Season 3 Leaks
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When Ben Lloyd was stormed with the questions coming from the fans, he finally opened up on Sanditon Season 3. So, was Colbourne going to propose to Charlotte? 

He said, “I love the idea of it being left up to the audience to decide what Colbourne was going to say and what he was going to do.” He further added, “I think I did decide that, yes, he was going to propose.” 

So, what do you think will Charlotte accept Colbourne’s proposal in the new season of Sanditon? Stay tuned for more Sanditon Season 3 leaks in the future. Happy Watching!! 

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  1. Theo James character comes back, thought dead but alive, he return with Ms Lambe’s…mother. Sidney wife Elizabeth married some else because she thought Sidney was Dead..And now a happy ending.

    1. It was always Sidney and Charlotte. The promised Sidlotte HEA. Colbourne was miscast in the role. There is no chemistry between Charlotte and Colbourne. Without the hero Sidney Parker there is no heroine. Honor Jane Austen

    2. Sidney is will not be returning. Sidney is dead. Most importantly, Sidney is a FICTIONAL character. I hope you lot adjust to change in RL better than you have with an actor leaving(his choice) a tv series.

  2. Colbourne is not an Austen character. He’s a Justin Young creation. The only true hero of Sanditon is Sidney Parker. Before anyone comments to my post the stories which finish Sanditon have Sidney Parker with Charlotte Heywood. A true Austen film adaptation of Sanditon should be done from Another Lady

  3. SIDNEY PARKER et personne d’autre c’était l’idée non??? Un petit coucou d’une Française qui vie au Portugal 😘😘😘

  4. Only happy ending possible is with Sidney Parker and no other man can be Mr Right 💙❤️ Sidlotte

  5. There is only one true love for Charlotte and that is Sidney.
    She hardly smiled in season 2 because she didn’t meet anyone who could compare, and it was like her romantic self died with him.
    Please bring back Sidney (not recast though, it has to be Theo).
    Please fo it to honour Jane Austen and her legacy and in respect of all the loyal fans.
    So please let this all be a misunderstanding and that he had to feign his own death for a reason.
    Please do it …we need to see something magical and mesmerising in 2023.

    1. Who are you saying “please do it” to? THEO DOESNT WANT TO !!!
      Moreover, Sidney WAS NOT a JA creation. She merely came up with the name & the description.
      His CHARACTER was written by Andrew Davies, Justin Young AND THEO!
      THEO made Sidney who he wanted him to be.
      He had full say & ownership over the character.
      THEO made Sidney a grumpy dick.

  6. Really Hope Theo James comes back and we all get our HEA Sidlotte thats the end game of the real Jane Austen story

  7. Charlotte deserves her HEA! So glad I was open-minded about S2 and got to appreciate the gift that was the new cast!

  8. Oh dear lord. Sidney is dead! Do people not believe the actor & everyone else involved in the show stating this. Season 3 is already filmed

    1. Grateful to all the cast that returned for S2 and S3. And so grateful for the new cast, especially, Ben Lloyd-Hughes! Can’t wait to see Charlotte and Mr. Colbourne get their happy ending!

  9. Sidney Parker is Charlotte’s one true love, and Jane Austen’s planned “ endgame”. (She told her niece.) Sidney & Charlotte deserve their HEA, as Jane intended. They are Jane Austen’s last hero and heroine.

  10. I was devastated when Theo James did not return. However, Mr. Colbourne’s and Charlotte’s romance actually had more substance to it, more longing looks, more kisses and a more romantic dance sequence. While Mr. Colbourne had the same difficulty communicating as Mr. Darcy and Sidney Parker, he seemed to listen to her and think about what she said and modify his conduct accordingly. Sidney and Charlotte quarreled constantly then suddenly were in love. In retrospect I think Heybourn was more realistic.

  11. It would be a wonderful ending if Theo James returns . Please don’t leave us hanging to what becomes of him and Charlotte. Please don’t end the entire thing with him coming back right at the end. That will leave everyone mad and disappointed.

  12. The end of season 1 without securing the continuity of the plot was totally terrible. If season 2 was not part of the actors contract, the writers/production should have ended series 1 with HEA for Sidney and Charlotte! The turn of events just ruined Sanditon! Season 2 is great as a separate series. But I will forever wait for the proper conclusion to Sidney and Charlotte happy ending!

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