Sanditon Charlotte Spencer is Not Coming Back For Season 3?

Sanditon Charlotte Spencer will not return in season 3 to play the role of Esther. Here is all we know about her exit.

Ah, this is such a piece of bad news for the viewers. Fans just loved watching Esther’s eventually happy ending in The Sanditon Season 2, after all, it was the character’s swan song. Well, how can we even think of it that Sanditon Charlotte Spencer, who everyone rejoiced as Esther for 2 seasons, won’t be coming back again for the next one? Please, someone, say this is not right, as we just can’t believe it. 

Sanditon Charlotte Spencer Will Not Return In Season 3!! 

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It’s just confirmed that the gorgeous Sanditon Charlotte Spencer aka Esther Babington won’t be returning for the PBS period hits’ upcoming third season.

Showrunner Justin Young also confirmed, “I think where we leave her at the end of the Season 2, she’s got everything, she’s ever wanted!”. 

Oh, how it ended was Esther was happily married and how much adored her child. Well, looks like this is the end of the Esther Babington Story—Like really?

It was also said that the whole series was portrayed like a novel

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All the characters played their respective roles and all of them should be honored as they have finite stories.

Sanditon was premiered in August 2019 and is based on an unfinished manuscript by Jane Austen. In fact, the series was also canceled by ITV in 2019, ahead of its U.S premiere. 

Though, with the help of PBS and a fan campaign, they managed to fundraise enough money to continue the series. But few characters still left the show.

Apart from Sanditon, Spencer is also known for playing the female main lead role in the British supernatural series “The Living And The Dead”. Her other major roles were Line of duty, Baghdad Central, and Ted Lasso.

Everyone loved Esther Babington!! Well, who knew she won’t be seen in the next season?

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Well, no one ever could have dreamt that Sanditon Charlotte Spencer would be having a happy ending, and it turns out that ending was final. Everyone was astonished as this news came after the actress joined the cast of the new BBC/Paramount + drama series The Gold!

 Wrapping up

Sandition’s Season 2 was recently aired on April 24 on PBS. But really, this is for the last season we would be watching Sanditon Charlotte Spencer? 

Also, Season 3 is expected to premiere in 2023!

Are you also sad to hear Sanditon Charlotte Spencer won’t be returning for Season 3? Tell us in the comment box. 

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