Sanditon 3 Leaks: Can Charlotte’s Two New Love Interests Replace Theo James’ Sidney?

Sanditon Season 2 has finally dropped on our screens and it is just insane. Sanditon 3, However, with the wrap-up of the second season, the fans are clamoring for Sanditon 3. So, Sassyshows is here with some amazing Sanditon 3 Leaks leaks on the upcoming season.

Sanditon 3 Leaks!! 

The ITV/BritBox drama, which is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished book of the same name, stars Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood and Theo James as Sidney Parker in the first season.

Sanditon 3 Leaks
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Sidney and Charlotte ultimately admitted their love for each other in the penultimate episode of season 1, but Sidney insisted on keeping his pledge and marrying Eliza Campion.

After this devastating surprise, it appeared like Sidney would return in Sanditon 2 to give Charlotte her happy ending.

In Sanditon Season 2, Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) has two new love interests, but neither is capable of replacing the late Sidney Parker (Theo James). 

James did not return for Seasons 2 and 3 of Sanditon, leaving his relationship with Miss Heywood unresolved. Sanditon, on the other hand, had to continue on, so the filmmakers developed numerous new individuals to populate the wonderful beach resort town on England’s south coast. Miss Heywood has two new suitors, both of whom have elements of Sidney’s personality.

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Why Theo James Isn’t In Sanditon Season 2?

While James Sidney Parker was a pivotal role in season 1, it appears that the actor believed that one season was sufficient to tell the tale, and he did not return for season 2.

Although I enjoyed portraying Sidney, I’ve always felt that his journey ended how I intended it to,” James stated in a statement.

He further added, “The shattered fairytale-like ending with Charlotte and Sidney intrigues me, and I hope the actors and team continued success with future episodes.” 

Sidney and Charlotte would “definitely” get together in season 2 if the show was recommissioned, according to Belinda Campbell, executive producer and joint Managing Director of Red Planet Pictures, who told Vulture in February 2020.

I take no joy after the fact that a lot of people desire that happily ever after,” she stated when Sidney rejected Charlotte, believing it was his family’s responsibility to marry for money. And we would be delighted to provide it to them. Sidney, of course, will find a way around it! He’s a hero to us!”

She did, however, say that the season 1 conclusion was a good way to conclude the tale because, “although it might not be a Jane Austen ending, it is a gratifying place to end the story.”

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Meanwhile, James’ co-star Rose Williams told TV Insider earlier this month that her character Charlotte Heywood learned from her experiences with Sidney in season 2: “My focus was to try and honor the Charlotte that was the Charlotte of episode 1 while also coming back fresh, with a bit more emotional experience and growth.”

Sanditon 3 Leaks

Charlotte appears to have a slew of suitors this season, with both Francis Lennox, a dashing army colonel portrayed by Tom Weston-Jones, and Alexander Colbourne, a rich hermit played by Ben Lloyd-Hughes, showing interest in her.

If Lennox and Colbourne do become rivals over Charlotte, it will be a very interesting situation since it would effectively imply that the two sides of Sidney Parker will go to battle over Miss Heywood in Sanditon 3.

At this point, neither Lennox nor Colbourne appear to be capable of replacing Sidney in Charlotte’s or the Sanditon audience’s affections, but only time will tell. 

So, what do you think will happen in Sanditon 3? Tell us in the comment box. 


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  1. I was a long time fan of Theo James but I will no longer watch his new movies or shows after his backing out of Sanditon.

    1. I confess to not seeing season 2 yet, I get it on DVD tomorrow but I thought the builder, James Stringer might go off and make his fortune and come back to win Charlotte. She had no clue how he felt about her, and the two seemed every compatible. Sydney was a sell out. I’m not sure about season twos additional love interests, but Stringer seamed perfect.

  2. I wish Sanditon would have ended with Season 1 . This was just too unrealistic and the chemistry just isn’t the same.

    1. I agree . I was so disappointed to find Theo James did not return in season 2. I dont see a connection in either of tge 2

  3. Very disappointed that Theo James was not in the second season. Is he replaceable, yes, was he irreplaceable in this series? Yes. You could feel the chemistry between the two and it has not been replaced. I don’t think the casting directors did a very good job of casting the parts for the two suitors. There was no chemistry. Should have used the character that wanted to be an architect. He had the looks and the chemistry.
    Please bring him back into Charlottes life.

  4. I think it has been. brave and refreshing for the writers to bring Charolette a bumpy ride in life. It makes the plot more interesting than a Hallmark movie! Most folks have the loss of at least one love in life. Life Can help us grow up and suffer at bit on the way to wisdom.. I think Season 3 takes her to the brink of marrying her father. Is choice, a farmer. Some other guy will prevail….and we will get a happy ending at last. Thank you, writers, for a fresh construct of Jane Austen!

  5. Personally, I think Charlotte will find that colbourne will be the love of her life since Theo chose not to return. I am truly enjoying sanditon !

  6. I think and hope Clobournewill win Charlotte I hope he did not hesitate to long in realizing he love her

  7. I love Sanditon. I am a romantic however I was hoping that colbourne showed charlotte more of his feelings. And why it’s so difficult for him to share them. I also like the character in season one who was the architect maybe bring him back.

  8. In every Austen book the main female character had a happy ending with the leading man. Lennox and Colburn are not leading men nor are they heroic or deserving of Charlotte. Sidney needs to return. There are other actors who could revive the part and would be as good as James. Charlotte deserves her Sidney, not a cad or a weak wimp.

    1. I do too but only so Charlotte can let him know he lost a good thing n should of chose her than marrying someone else bcuz of money Their family had always bounced bk Sydney could of chosen another way to help besides giving Charlotte n also he knew how Charlotte felt bcuz he had gone thru it with this same woman I hope Colburne wakes up n sees what his heart is telling him n Season 3 As for the architect coming bk I can only see him as her dear friend she didn’t fall for him the first time so I don’t think she’ll fall for him if he comes around again n I don’t think she’s ready to b a farmer’s wife now that she has tasted of the higher society that she loves dressing up dancing etc Something not too many farmers wives would b doing

  9. If theo James didn’t want to come back at least his character could of married Charlotte..then he could of left for Antigua..then his demise..but he died without closure for her.. hopefully the writers will have him sending a letter to her before he died or helping her in some is lack luster now…at least bring young stringer back…they had’s like a soap opera now

  10. Charlotte will be very cautious in getting her heart broken again. It will take another Sidney(strong and sure of himself) with some fight on him to challenge her again
    A man with out past issues with love

  11. I believe the unfinished ‘business’ between Colbourne and Charlotte has to be resolved! There are also needy children involved in the dynamics here.. These 2 ‘leads’ need to finally be allowed to move forward and claim the chance at fulfilling, meaningful futures no longer clouded by pain and suffering of the past, but opening to ownership of new, maturing love!

  12. Sydney is recovering from a tragic accident and didn’t really die. He will return in just enough time to keep Charlotte from marrying!!! Please give him enough money to come back.

  13. I am sad for James’ character, Sidney, not going through and marrying Miss Charlotte! I understand that not every ending can be a fairytale ending. And, it had everything to do with the honor of the family. However, I love Colbourn’s character! I am not sure if I would trust a man who backed out of the relationship multiple times to be husband material. I would love to see the architect, from the first episode upset the plans of Miss Charlotte to settle for the farmer. I do not say this because farming is below Miss Charlotte. I just don’t feel as though Miss Charlotte really loves her farmer.

  14. I love Sanditon season 1 but I love Sanditon 2 as well. It’s a willful and unrealistic desire to want Sidney Parker back. The moment he decided to marry for money to save his brother, the promise of his love to Charlotte was broken. His heroic image was damaged with it. It could only be mended by a new love. I believe in season 3, Mr Colborne will realize how much he loves Charlotte. They both will then be mature and strong. Their love will reach a happy ending. I can’t wait to watch Season 3.

  15. Uh, at the end if season 2. we were shown Charlotte introducing a young man as her husband. Who is he? From where did he come?

  16. I was thinking Colbourne would return. He only broke off because Lennox reminded him of his insecurities. I expect him back . And that’s fine.

  17. I certainly hope in Jane Austin/Emily Brontë Fashion that Charlotte ends up with the moody Mr. Coulbourn. I loved his character and was great watching him try and come out of his shell., only to duck back in when he tries tries to do the “right” thing by saving Charlotte from him by sending her away. The chemistry between them was spot on (they both do such a great job of acting with just their eyes). I would be disappointed if they didn’t end up together. I do wish the producers wouldn’t make us wait so long!!!

  18. Please let Sydney not be dead, & return to save Charlotte! I think the Austen world deserves a happy ending! We can handle it! Too much sadness in the world today! Let some magic happen please Theo, come back 🙏❤

  19. Please let Sydney not be dead, & return to save Charlotte! I think the Austen world deserves a happy ending! We can handle it! Too much sadness in the world today! Let some magic happen please Theo, come back 🙏❤

  20. Neither Lennox nor Colbourne are right for Charlotte. If it’s not Sidney, I vote for Young Stringer. Since Beecham House was cancelled (😢), is he available?

    1. I really enjoyed Sydney! I cried when his character died! But, who really loves Charlotte is STRINGER. PLEASE bring his character Back!! Please!!

  21. I would just like to know where you can watch it for free besides PDS cuz they don’t always have it on

  22. I am still upset at the ending of season 1 and season 2 was very hard to watch. Season needs to bring something wonderful to screen or I for will stop watching. The love interests that were chosen for Charlotte were lacking charisma. Theo James was the right person for the part of Sydney and HE can’t be replaced. If Theo is in the running for the James Bond replacement he is definitely the worthy

  23. Neither of the two men presented as suitors for Çharlotte in season 2 we’re matches for her my humble opinion. There is no chemistry between any of the three. When Sydney told Charlotte that she brought out the best in him made him irresistible. What woman wouldn’t love to hear that from someone who appears to have no heart? The man that comes up with that type of declaration in future will win, but it will not be one of these two guys! Both are too self-centered to think that deeply. As for season 3, I am not anticipating it’s coming as I was in season 2. Not sure whether or not I will watch it. I’ve not much faith in the producer’s ability to judge men at this point.

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