Sam Elliot Drops A Shocking Statement On Yellowstone!! 

When it comes to the most promising character of Yellowstone 1883, the role played by actor Sam Elliot deserves a clear highlight. While the series and the franchise have developed a huge fanbase, not everyone is a fan of classic western drama. 

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Yellowstone is presently one of the most loved television series as it has garnered the love of millions of fans. With its ever-expanding universe, the franchise is cementing its position as one of the best western dramas. It has surely blown the doors of television ratings. Recently, the 1883 series has created several records for the franchise grabbing the limelight on social media. 

However, not everyone is a fan of Taylor Sheridan’s projects under the shade of the Yellowstone franchise. Recently actor Sam Elliot revealed a big statement on Yellowstone. Here is everything we know. 

Sam Elliot Reveals Why He Can’t Stand Yellowstone 

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Sam Elliot plays the role of Shea Brennan in Yellowstone’s hit show 1883. Shea is a super-handsome Pinkerton Agent who has navigated immense bad times in the past. He had a wife named Helen and a lovely daughter. However, he lost them as they died due to smallpox. 

Sam Elliot played the role of Shea Brenan perfectly and he racked up a lot of praises for his flawless performance. However, in a recent interview, the actor revealed his call on the franchise. 

Sam may be a valuable part of the 1883 series, but sadly he is not a fan of spinoffs of the original series, Yellowstone. 

While the actor has been under the limelight for playing the role of the tough cowboy in the 1883 series, Sam Elliot revealed his thoughts on Yellowstone. 

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He said, “I am not a Yellowstone fan. I don’t even watch Yellowstone. But I love Kevin Costner. There are a bunch of good people on the cast, a few of them I have worked with before. Nothing against any of them, but it’s just too much like f—ing ‘Dallas’ or something for more.

He further added, “Too much of that for more.” Sam even compared Yellowstone to the long-running 80s soap opera. 

His statement has shocked the fans, and this is not the first time Sam passed negative comments on Yellowstone. A few days back, Sam revealed in an interview that the show ‘tainted’ the spinoff, 1883. 

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He said, “On some level, I can’t stand it.” Sam further added, “Because I think 1883 stands alone and will. Once it comes out, people are gonna say, “Oh, yeah, The only connection there is that it got John Dutton to Montana.” 

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    1. Hey Mike, I know your comment was tongue in cheek but I dont think Sam gives a rat’s a** about Yellowstone. It’s not a western -it IS a soap opera. At 70 the shoot of 1883 was grueling, but true to heart. Just like the commendable Mr. Elliott

      1. I agree with Ari’s response….it’s right-0n correct about Sam’s disdain for the Soap opera genre.. But personally, I like Yellowstone.

    2. I don’t think for one minute that Sam Elliott is jealous about not being on Yellowstone. That’s why he is so is so great in 1883 Old Westerns is what Sam Elliott is great whatever he is acting in

      1. Elliot has lost his appeal!!! Wishing he could act in something that popular with fans. I’m surprised Sheridan could put up with Elliots ego.

  1. One person commented that Sam is just jealous because he’s not the star that’s BS Sam’s a good enough actor he doesn’t have to be jealous of anything he picks the rolls that he wants but he doesn’t always have to be the star he’s a man’s man and is an excellent actor especially in The Westerns but I agree sometimes things are over the top when they are compared to other series instead of being on their own

    1. Yellowstone is so much better then 1883. 1883 has 2 actor McGraw and Faith that really suck in their roles. Cant act at all. Love Yellowstone.

      1. Well. I don’t agree. I like both. The actors in both are very good and all deserve praise for entertaining us so well. Sam just likes westerns. Thanks all

  2. Sam; Let me start off by saying you and your Katherine are dearly loved and will always be! Sounds like you are just getting (with respect) tired and older and old enough to say what the hell we want, and people can like it or not. But it is said (I get it, I am with you!?? I do it and f..k who doesn’t like it! You are so loved and so looked up to by so many

  3. Sam; Let me start off by saying you and
    ur Katherine are dearly loved and will always be! Sounds like you are just getting (with respect) tired and older and old enough to say what the hell we want, and people can like it or not. But it is said (I get it, I am with you!?? I do it and f..k who doesn’t like it! You are so loved and so looked up to and an amazing talent. Which has given your family and yourself a life most of us will never be a part of. Sam you earned that!!! You give your all to your career. Maybe Sam (as much as we we love you and would. Watch you and not miss an episode of anything you were in

    1. Spend some time with family and friends. If it looks like it may be a ,” Dallas” F…K enjoy the ride and smile all the way to the Bank. Love 💞 You hat loved you and your precious wife many many years! P.S…. Please tell Kevin Costner, I have and will always love him. An awesome man also!!! Love to Katherine

  4. I like nighttime soaps I was a fan of Dallas and many more. But sometimes when it’s series it affects the story To me without Shea and Elsa it’s going to be hard to stay interested in the story.It was just to soon to kill them off . I will watch the start and see if Sheraton can keep me a fan. But about Sam he’s a fabulous actor and watch everything he’s inJS

  5. I understand clearly what he is saying . I have watch Yellow Stone and 1883 from the beginning.. sometimes the laugh on Yellow Stone is a little over the top .

    1. If you don’t like Yellowstone don’t watch but don’t bash either there are millions of us who love this iconic show I for one cannot wait to see every episode whenever I can but that’s just me. Nothing like Dallas sounds like sourgrapes.

      1. I totally agree beside that Fallss and knots landing were awesom and we need more of that same! I absolutly love zsam arlliott and was thrilled to see him come back I’d like to see him on bot especially on Yellowstone! Keep these types of the good ole Dallas and test knots landing too we need more of he same with these good ole same actors Doo happy to see both Yellowstone and other!!! Keep them coming!!!!!

  6. I dislike the language in Yellowstone. Every other sentence had that F
    Word in it. I’d watch Sam Elliott anytime. I also like Kevin Costner
    Just not that 4 letter word they all think they have to use.

  7. I lived in Montana for over 20 years and can’t stand Yellowstone. It’s just too hokey; an attempt to render a precious, special place into TV fodder for evening audiences. Montana has no “Livestock Commissioner” and maybe never has. That’s just part of Yellowstone’s fake b s. Montana. Like the fake Indians that bear no resemblance to modern day Indians in Montana. It’s just a soap opera. Its a million miles away from reality.

  8. Sam is spot on. The 10 episode 1883 was so autjentic. Important detail to everything was important. 1883 stands alone. Why would anyone want to watch more BS Hollywood spin after seeing 1883? Haven’t we all believed the BS Hollywood lies about? I’ve seen episodes of Yellowstone, and it’s more Hollywood spin. Ofcource, as we know if not educated about actual facts about history makes us doomed to repeat it.

  9. I think you’re mistaken. Sam is getting older, but you shouldn’t put a spin on it. He’s been a great actor, and role model for young men everywhere. He’s chosen only good roles, and states that there are enough actors playing negative ones. I believe there’s nothing wrong with his mind, or character
    He’s always spoken his mind about things that are important to him. I believe if people want to watch another fake Hollywood spin, then watch Yellowstone. No one is stopping you yet.

  10. Well who said Sam was worthy of commenting on yellowstone anyway. Maybe he should be replaced by someone. Gell I could look a hell of alot rougher than him. Quit crying you got a good job from it.

  11. I don’t believe Sam Elliott has anything to be jealous about. He knows about westerns long before Yellowstone & 1883 came around. He speaks the truth, and I feel he’s not to keen on Coca Cola Cowboys! If it weren’t for Kevin Costner ‘s fame, Yellowstone may not have become this popular. But. Taylor Sheridan is an authentic writer /actor. The way Yellowstone is portrayed and run is like the mafia delta with in their times, except thus is a modern day cowboy western mafia

  12. Sam Elliot is right, to much cussing, death, drama, killing, Sam makes good westerns, he isn’t jealous, he’s had some of the best westerns made with top actors in his own right, Sam your right, some good actors, but show is corrupt and evil as this world is, as we are in end of days, Yes I am a Christine and worship Jesus! Amen ..

  13. I agree with Sam and if you do not know this Sheridan wanted Elliot for Yellowstone but he turned it down . When they decided to do the 1883 he went back to Elliot to offer him a role and it was more his style .I loved 1883 hated that it ended so fast then started watching Yellowstone only to hate the father and daughter all I want to do it slap them both silly they make all the effort the family made to get there a big waste only thing Yellowstone proves is that several generations later the family ruins their legacy.

  14. Before 1883 started I was concerned about about a couple things but Sam Elliot’s acting ability wasn’t one of them What I wondered about was Faith Hill and the girl that played her daughter but I was pleasantly surprised by both All in all I thought 1883 was really very good and old Sam is one my all time favorites.

  15. Sam actually has nothing to be jealous about Mike he is an amazing actor and has been doing this a long time. Yellowstone is a stupid show. It’s more like a soap opera than a real western. That is not how it was in the wild wild west back in the day. Woman like a real cowboy not one played on TV

  16. Anything that involves Sam Elliott in is going to be great, his vast experience should be respected!

  17. Sam Elliot is a liberal has been Hollywood jack ass. Nothing he has to say about Yellowstone carries much weight.. His idealogy and Taylor Sheridans are as different as night and day.

  18. Sam Elliot is a dynamic actor and he was made for westerns like 1883. He has not been completely utilized by Hoolywood. They need to get writers to write just for him. Many of us fans of Sam Elliot want to see at least 2 more seasons of 1883. We feel robbed if they don’t create more 1883 seasons. And that excuse that Elsa Dutton died, hogwash! Let it be her dream that she died and let her wake up to season 2 and three and bring back Sam Elliot and the rest of the beautiful cast. Do it for the fans!!

  19. I’ve watched both. They are apples and oranges. There’s no resemblance to each other at all. You can’t watch both in the same way

  20. Living in the west and family crosed the country to get here during that time I relate to 1883. It was true how many didn’t make it . I have watched it alone and again with family who thought it sad but I’m Sam’s age and can relate. Love Sam and everything he is in. I watched Yellowstone and it’s a soap. 1883 is like it was then and is a favorite. So glad Sam did that

  21. OMG Sam Elliott has been a stand alone actor in every part he has played!! tumbstone is one of the greatest movies ever made!! come live in the rockey mountain and see what it really means to be a cowboy!! Sam RULES!!!

  22. 1883 was the most uneventful, boring, peice of shit I’ve ever seen……maybe that’s why Sam cried in nearly every scene

  23. Sam Elliot is from the old school like me . There are the Old days and there is Nowadays . The Man do not have to be jealous to realize how bad the movie Industry has changed . Yes Yellowstone is an immoral modern day nighttime soap opera just like Dallas . 1883 I could watch it watched every episode , Yellowstone could not watch the first episode
    How glad I am someone feel the way I feel about Yellowstone and I’m glad it’s Sam Elliott

  24. I believe Sam Elliott is secure in his acting abilities he has no reason to be jealous of anything or anyone his body of work can stand the test of time. He is an amazing actor

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