Saddest Moments in MCU – These Moments Will Make You Cry Loudly!!

The “Marvel Cinematic Universe” encompasses a wide range of emotions. Films like “Thor: Ragnarok” and the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series may make you laugh so hard that you may fall out of your chair. The four Avengers flicks and Captain America: Civil War are as dramatic as it gets. 

Saddest Moments In MCU
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The franchise has also given us tons of the saddest moments in MCU. Basically, if you are seeking some emotionally touching moments, the MCU has covered you in some form–even if you are feeling down and depressed.

Undoubtedly, Marvel Studios understands how to strike the spectator where it hurts, whether it is Steve Rogers attending Peggy Carter’s funeral, Stephen Strange collapsing after his injury, or a bunch of other situations. Clearly, some of these situations are more upsetting than others, which is why we chose to explore the MCU archives for the biggest cinematic masterpieces.

Heartbreaking Moments In MCU 

While several people can speculate about a topic like this in several ways, we have tried to go deeper and unearth the sad moments having greater significance and terrible repercussions. So, here is the list of the Saddest Moments in MCU so far.

During The First Avenger, Steve And Peggy Were Parted

When Steve Rogers first contacts Peggy Carter, he is still a tiny Brooklyn youngster with nothing but blind bravery to back up his determination to face bullies. The two had been friends from the inception. After Steve turns Captain America, their bond only becomes stronger.

Regrettably, they never had the opportunity to explore their friendship. During his battle with the Red Skull, Steve is compelled to crash his jet, the Valkyrie, on the ice to avoid catastrophic damage due to the warheads on board. Steve and Peggy’s heartbreaking parting enlists the scene in the saddest moments in MCU.

One Of The Saddest Sequences In The MCU Is Meredith Quill’s Last Minutes

James Gunn is a comic genius who transformed an unknown superhero team into one of the world’s most well-known household identities. The majority of Gunn’s magic is based on a continuous combination of sarcasm and comedy, sometimes punctuated with a dramatic moment that slaps you straight in the face. Yondu’s burial and “We Are Groot” are the sequences that elevate the Guardians series from a superficial, light-hearted comedy to a beloved, fan-favorite franchise.

However, maybe the most difficult moment in the team’s whole history occurs right from the start. The film begins with a flashback scene that transports the spectator to Earth in 1988. In her last minutes, a young Peter Quill is shown in a hospital, witnessing his mom, Meredith. 

As the story develops, Peter is summoned to see his mother on her deathbed, but his dad is nowhere to be found. Meredith urges Peter to grasp her hand with her last breath, but the devastated kid declines, only for his mother to die just seconds later. This, of course, causes Peter to flee outdoors in a panic and get kidnapped by aliens. The sequence is gloomy and melancholy and places itself in the list of saddest moments in MCU.

Wanda’s Sorrow After Losing Her Brother

While discussing the saddest moments in MCU, it is worthwhile to mention the pain Wanda receives after her brother Pietro’s death. After he and his sister figure out Ultron’s actual objective in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Pietro Maximoff supports the Avengers’ side of the war. Clint Barton is attacked by the evil AI in the subsequent battle while attempting to rescue a kid. Pietro steps in to save the day and gets shot instead.

Wanda, his sister, senses his demise and loses control of her strength in despair. It is a heartbreaking scene, and it would have been much more if Pietro had been allowed more screen time in the MCU.

Loki’s Reaction To The Death Of Frigga

Due to Loki’s response, Frigga’s demise has qualified as one of the saddest moments in MCU. Until “Thor: The Dark World” begins, Loki is incarcerated on Asgard for the atrocities he did during the incidents of “Thor and The Avengers,” thus he is not particularly engaged when Malekith arrives on his family’s doorstep in quest of the Aether, murdering Frigga in the way. Thor and Odin do not dare to tell Loki about his mother in person; instead, a nameless guard is sent to deliver the dreadful news.

To add insult to the injury, Loki is not told of his mother’s demise until her burial, which means he misses out on the chance of saying goodbye to her and is instead forced to mourn alone in his cage. 

Thor goes to see his brother only later when he needs something from him, and Loki loses his glamor to disclose the degree of his grief. He has wrecked his cell’s furniture and sliced up his feet, and his typically polished look is now dowdy and disordered.

He attempts to ask Thor about the events behind Frigga’s death, but Thor is uninterested in discussing their mother, leading Loki to ponder his inquiries. While Loki is an ethically dubious character, there is no doubt that he loved his mother so much, and this case seems exceptionally brutal.

Saddest Moments in MCU
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By Firing The Missile Through The Portal, Tony Protects New York

Iron Man has always been an emblem of courage and self-sacrifice, even before his demise in “Avengers: Endgame.” When the “World Security Council” fires a missile at New York in the first Avengers film, Tony detects it and flies it through the portal above his tower. 

Tony closes his eyes as the rocket blasts into the vacuum because his call to Pepper is never answered. The death of Tony in such a way makes this one of the saddest moments in MCU.

Our Hearts Were Broken By Gamora’s Passing

“Avengers: Infinity War” is an exhilarating roller coaster trip that gradually builds to Thanos having the upper hand. Throughout the story, there is a lot of tragedy, and several scenes of the movie can be placed in the saddest moments in MCU list. 

Loki and Heimdall face their fate in the first act of the movie as the story continues. We also show Thanos torturing Wanda and Vision as the sun sets over Wakanda, plucking the Mind Stone from the latter’s robotic skull.

Gamora’s demise, on the other hand, has to be the one that hits the audience’s emotions the most. In the movie, the rehabilitated heroine is caught in the hands of her old employer and adopted father, who is a villain. She bravely defies the captor with every bit of her power, even in prison, but the attempt goes futile. Thanos finally kills Gamora in order to take the Soul Stone for him.

Scott’s Grief After Seeing His Adolescent Daughter

Although one might claim that Scott Lang’s and Cassie’s reconciliation in “Avengers: Endgame” was much more bittersweet and should not be categorized in the saddest moments in MCU, there was something genuinely painful to see Scott quietly ponder the fact that he would miss a significant portion of Cassie’s youth. Scott hurriedly searches the memorials of the deceased for his daughter’s name leading up to his embrace with Cassie.

Scott is first taken aback when he sees his adolescent daughter. When they hug, and she can not see his face, we could see a lot more on his face. Scott’s face lines with great regret at what he is missing and what he might have lost, together with his joy that she is alive. When she stares at him again, he swiftly smooths his face and gives her a bright smile, attempting to make the situation better for her though we can see how difficult it is for him. 

He cries, “You are so big,” eliciting a sob-filled chuckle from Cassie. It is a touching and ultimately uplifting sequence, but there is an undertone of grief that can not be overlooked. It becomes more poignant as we are not accustomed to having Scott see in saddest moments in MCU.

For The Sake Of His Friends, Groot Sacrifices Its Life

Flora Colossus Groot is a mature specimen who first appears in “Guardians of the Galaxy” Vol. 1. Groot is undoubtedly one of the most charming figures in the MCU. The Guardians are stuck on Ronan’s severely wrecked ship, the Dark Aster, after a fight with Ronan, the Accuser. 

Groot enfolds his companions in a net of branches to rescue them. He states, “We are Groot” rather than “I am Groot” for the first time. He is killed in the crash, while the other Guardians are saved and making it one of the saddest moments in MCU.

While Groot returns in a smaller form, Filmmaker James Gunn has indicated that the second Groot is almost the offspring of the first. Kevin Feige has a different viewpoint, claiming that Baby Groot possesses the memories of the original Groot. Finally, fans must make their own decisions, but every fan can agree that Groot’s sacrifice is genuinely heartbreaking.

One Of The Darkest Sequences In The MCU Is Bucky’s Brain Being Erased

The majority of the scenarios so far have been on heroic sacrifices. On the other hand, this scenario enters the list of saddest moments in MCU not because of the death but because of how brutally terrible it is. Bucky Barnes has gone through more anguish and suffering than anybody else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (possibly with the exception of Thor). The Winter Soldier was subjected to decades of cryogenic freezing, brainwashing, and confinement and compelled to execute against his will on several occasions.

One sequence in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” serves to provide a look at how vexing this situation must have been for the victim and is also self-descriptive to the question of why the scene is placed in the list of saddest moments in MCU.

Alexander Pierce approaches Barnes after a famous street battle with his forgotten comrade, Steve Rogers. Pierce interrogates his weaponized hostage and learns that his knock with Rogers has harmed his memory. 

“Wipe him and start over,” Pierce says at the end of the sequence. Bucky is tied down and starts screaming as his brain is erased, and he walks away, apparently sad. The heartbreaking sequence is hopeless, devastating, and difficult to watch, and it is unquestionably one of the most heartbreakingly sad scenes in the whole MCU canon.

Saddest Moments in MCU
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Peter Parker Appeals For Assistance

Although Peter Parker first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in “Captain America: Civil War,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming” emphasizes that, despite his incredible abilities, the web-slinger is still a youngster. This is most evident after Peter’s catastrophic meeting with the Vulture, which leads the villain to drop a whole warehouse on Peter using drones.

We witness Peter buried under piles of wreckage, struggling for air as metal and concrete push down on him as the Vulture leaves him for dead. He attempts to pull himself out at first but shortly gives up due to the immensity of the challenge. Peter then starts to scream for aid, though he knows no one will hear him and, even if they hear, there is not much they can do for aid. It is the response of a child trapped in an awful and overwhelming circumstance who just wants an adult to intercede and help, and it is devastating to realize that no one is hearing. 

Of course, Peter transforms into Spider-Man and is eventually able to break free, but it is worthwhile to place the scene in the saddest moments in MCU for witnessing those brief seconds when he is simply a helpless youngster asking for assistance.

The Last Space Suit Is Given To Star-Lord By Yondu

After Peter Quill declines to deliver the Power Stone to his adoptive father Yondu in “Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2,” the two reunite when Yondu explains that he only abducted Peter as a youngster to save him from being exploited by his original father, Ego. As explosives are dispatched to kill Ego, Yondu launches Peter safely and hands him the remaining spacesuit.

Yondu loses himself in the operation, but he is pleased with the thought that he made at least one positive contribution in his life.

Killmonger’s Death

One of Black Panther’s greatest achievements was that, unlike other MCU movies, it succeeded in personalizing its villain as much as its protagonists, making his final defeat and demise seem more like a failure than a win. Although we cheer for T’Challa throughout the film, it is difficult not to empathize with Killmonger’s goal, even if not supporting his means.

T’Challa offers to utilize his superior technology to cure Erik, but Erik rejects, saying as his last words, “Bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors that jumped from ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” These words melt the heart of audiences and place them in the saddest moments in MCU. 

T’Challa also seems to understand, as after killing his cousin in their last struggle, he assists him outside to watch the Wakandan sunset. As he properly kneels over his cousin’s corpse and folds his arms over his chest, T’Challa’s response to Killmonger’s demise is one of mourning, not pleasure.

Surtur Destroys Asgard’s Homeworld

“Thor: Ragnarok” is a significant departure from prior Thor-centric cinematic episodes. Ragnarok has a particularly quirky mood that is vivid and boisterous, reminding followers of the vibrant comics in which Thor originally debuted.

However, the film’s title is not a joke. Thor is compelled to request his brother Loki to revive Surtur in order to bring down Asgard. Thor and Loki’s wicked sister Hela is defeated due to Thor’s strategy. However, the Asgardians’ grief as they watch their homeworld’s destruction makes it one of the saddest moments in MCU. 


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is truly awesome. With all the super entertaining elements like the thrill, action, romance, heartbreak, and suspense, all of the movies and series are loved by the fans. So, which is the most heartbreaking moment in MCU according to you, make sure to comment down below. Stay connected for all hot updates on MCU. 


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