Did You Hear Rookie Season 5 Is Bringing A New Character? Really? We Can’t Believe it!

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How have you been? Well, till now, we all are clear that like daily soaps, even series have many characters that might come and go! It’s like, we have no clue when would be the last time we’ll be watching this character, and the next time Boom, the feeling disappears! 

But at times, the new season brings new characters, and so is the case with Rookie Season 5: Aaah, wasn’t it unpredictable?

What’s Rookie the show all about?

Rookie Season 5
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We all know that starting over isn’t easy, especially for a little town guy, John Nolan, who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of becoming an LAPD officer. As the force’s oldest Rookie, he’s met with skepticism from some higher-ups, who view him as just a walking midlife crisis. 

If he can’t keep up with the young cops and the criminals, he’ll be just risking other lives, including his own. 

And what if he uses his life experiences, determination, and sense of humor to give him an edge? He may just become super successful in the new chapter of his life: Ah, isn’t the story a gripping one? What say, peeps?

OMG, what’s this news about? Is Rookie Season 5 coming? And if yes, what new does it have for us?

Rookie Season 5
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Get ready because The Rookie Season 5 will officially air on Sunday nights this fall, starting on September 25th at 10 pm ET on ABC. 

How badly we remember when all the Rookie fans, including us, were just left on the edge of their seats when Eric Winter and Melissa O’ Neil took their friendship to the next level in the season 4 finale. 

We do remember how we didn’t want the episodes to end, but now all we can say is that we are badly waiting for Rookie Season 5!

WTF, Nathan Fillion reveals a new character?

Yes, this new character is all set to be introduced in Season 5. At the Rookie Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Mr. Fillion says that the show’s new season, where his character becomes a training officer who is charged with training an unknown rookie. 

Ah, guys, he didn’t reveal anything about it but hinted that it would be a woman. The moment he could say something else, there was so much excitement and crowd reaction that he just said, “Sorry, Spoiler!”

FYI, one thing for sure is that he’ll be training a woman!! 

Rookie Season 5
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Now, we can’t expect how the story is going to be. Does it look like there will be a lot of drama, conflicts, friendship, and whatnot in Rookie Season 5? It’s all about a new rookie now. 

Wrapping Up

Aren’t you excited to see a female rookie joining the cast in Rookie Season 5? We are superbly enthusiastic about the same. September, please come soon. We can’t hold on much! Stay tuned, guys! 

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