Ricky Martin Denies A Romantic Relationship With Nephew!! Shocking Reaction!! 

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The Livin La Vida Loca songster, and a heartthrob of the 90’s kiddies, Ricky Martin, has been facing allegations of being in a brewing love relationship with his 21- time-old Nephew. Now are they absurd allegations, or there’s some verity in them! Here is all we know. 

The Uprising of a Star 

Ricky Martin, AKA Enrique Marin Morales, hails as a Puerto Rican songster- tunesmith and actor. The songster is well known for his all-around music. 

Being a San Juan native, Ricky Martin started appearing in TV commercials when he was nine. His musical career kickstarted at the age of 12, as he became a member of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo. That’s when Ricky Martin touched the skies of fame. He was named a solo artist in 1990. 

Ricky Martin- People’s “ Mas Bellos ” 

Ricky Martin
Credit – theadvocates.com

Ricky Martin said that he could no way be happier with his life. He was featured on the cover of People Magazine Latino’s Mas Bellos 2012 issue, which is their interpretation of People Magazine’s utmost Beautiful 2012. 

People Magazine nominated Ricky Martin as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2000 and its family magazine People en Español in 2006. 

Ricky Martin- In Relationship With Nephew 

Ricky Martin
Credit – theadvocate.com

Recently Ricky dismissed the alleged allegations of him being in a relationship with his Nephew for seven months. 

The actor-songster’s counsel, Marty Singer, clarified in a statement Friday that Ricky Martin has noway been into any romantic or sexual relationship with his Nephew. 

The report continued, “ Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is floundering with serious internal health challenges. Ricky Martin has, of course, noway been and would noway be — involved in any sexual or romantic relationship with his Nephew. The idea isn’t only untrue, it’s disgusting. ” 

 “ We all hope that this man gets the help he so urgently needs. But, utmost of all, we look forward to this awful case being dismissed as soon as a judge gets to look at the data. ” 

 Ricky Martin Restrained!! 

A statement released by Martin’s Lawyer has come just a week after the judge from Puerto Rico issued a restraining order against the Latin pop songster Ricky. 

The police couldn’t partake the details on who had asked for the restraining order because the case was filed under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law. Neither could now gain a dupe of the restraining order. 

Ricky Martin
Credit – latimes.com

 Stay and Watch 

With all the allegations against the notorious Latin pop star Ricky, the songster participated in a statement on Twitter that the protection order entered against him doesn’t have any factual grounds and is grounded on false allegations. 

The songster is going ahead with the needed judicial process clarifying his conditions to partake in any statement at the moment further as the matter is legal. Ricky Martin seems to be handling this situation dignifiedly and has thanked his suckers for all the trust and support he’s receiving from them. 

Let us stay and watch how effects fall further from then. Follow us for further similar updates!

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