Real Reason Why Tommy Lee Posted His Obscene Picture Will Shock You!! 

Who is Tommy Lee?

The famous American musician and the inception member of Mötley Crüe – the renowned heavy metal band, Tommy Lee Bass has pursued many solo musical projects. 

He has also been a long-term drummer of the band. He was the one who founded the rap-metal band known as Methods of Mayhem. 

Is Tommy Lee a Rich Guy??

Tommy Lee
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Yes, fans, his ex-wife Pamela Anderson’s worth as of date is reported to be $20 million, and the net worth of Tommy Lee is $70 million as of 2022. 

How many times did Tommy Lee walk the Aisle?

It has been four times that Lee said, “I Do.” For the first time, it was to Starchuk and then to Heather Locklear. Pamela Anderson was the third one, and following her is now Brittany Furlan. He had also been engaged to musician Sofia Toufa in the year 2014, but they could not carry it further and parted ways.

Why did Pam and Tommy part ways?

It was definitely the leaked sex-tape scandal that made the stars face a rough time in their marriage, but the case of domestic violence was the last nail to the coffin of their relationship. 

Tommy Lee on his Nude Photo!!

Tommy Lee
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On August 11, 2022, the Mötley Crüe drummer posted his nude photo online, partying hard during the band’s tour break. (though it is now not available on his Instagram and Facebook but is still there on his Twitter account) 

The image captioned “Ooopppsss” on his social media account made the Internet go bonkers! Lee later shared on August 12, 2022, an artsy version of the NSFW image as well. 

Tommy Lee’s comment on his Obscene Image

During the middle of the concert, Lee shared with his fans how he had been partying hard during the tour break and went bonkers, clicking and posting his nude photos!! The drummer claimed that his recent penis pic resulted from a mother-f**king bender!

Is it the first time Tommy Lee??

Tommy Lee
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No fans, it is not the first time Lee’s adult images are on the Internet. In the back years, the infamous sex tape of Tommy Lee with his wife Pamela Anderson was leaked, which also caught fire on the Internet.  

Final Thoughts

Tommy Lee has been in light of such incidents earlier as well! Earlier this month, Lee caught the limelight again as he posted his full frontal nude image on his social media before he took it down! 

In June this year, Tommy Lee was ordered to sit out of the band during the second half as he broke four ribs and yet played through the first half, which was against his doctor’s orders!!! 

Oh, Tommy Lee!!

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