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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67 to 72 

The Granolah, the Survivor Saga, is the Dragon Ball Super manga‘s sixth main saga. After the incidents of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, it takes place. So, if you are keen to read Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67, the start of the Granolah arc manga, deep dive into the article.

Dragon Ball Super 67

The Seven-Three Mysteries

The beginning of the Granolah arc manga follows the Moro arc. After Moro’s demise, Jaco and Calamis go to the Galactic Prison, where they meet up with the other Galactic Bandit Brigade survivors. Calamis inquires to Yunba about a weak signal that emerged from the Earth following Moro’s death, but they are unaware of it.
Zauyogi stands up, chastising them for destroying Seven-Three, a creature they had kidnapped and transformed into a superpower by filling it with data.
The two go to Earth’s crater, where they search for any sign of Seven-Three but cannot do so since two other creatures had discovered him earlier and put his head in a container. They quickly board their spacecraft and depart.
A few months later, an attendant contacts his master Goichi aboard a spacecraft to tell him that the information from Seven-Three has been transferred into all of their systems. Saganbo had previously taken Seven-Three from Goichi, but it’s now been back to them, stronger than before.
Goichi is overjoyed by this news and thinks that now is his turn to control the cosmos. Meanwhile, after having a particular unit in goal, Granolah visits another area and discovers his target: OG73-i, also known as Seven-Three.
He goes towards the Heeter’s Base after securing him. Granolah gets a memory along the journey to a period when the Saiyan species attacked his planet and massacred his people.
Granolah rises in his spacecraft and talks with Oatmeel, who questions him about his obsession with the Frieza Force. Granolah says that his fixation comes from the Saiyans slaughtering his species.

Dragon Ball Super 68 

Beerus’ planet is used for training

In Beerus’ Planet, Whis introduces some vitamins into the Oracle Fish to help him sleep because of his insomnia. Whenever the Oracle Fish does not get enough sleep, Whis says, it may be a negative sign for the future.
Following that, Goku and Whis resume their training, with Goku able to activate the Autonomous Ultra Instinct phase at his own will, but he is no match for Whis. This says that mastering Ultra Instinct is only in the beginning stage since it can acquire much more control than Goku presently has.
On the other side, Granolah meets Soshiru, who proposes sharing the reward money awarded for turning in Seven-Three. Granolah, on the other hand, threatens Soshiru and enters Heeter’s base. He meets with Elec, the Heeters’ leader, and gives up his bounty there.
Elec says that after accepting money, he does not plan to build an army but rather to collect information from Seven-Three. He also tells him about Frieza’s rebirth. Granolah, eager for his opportunity of vengeance, wants to know where he is.
Gas restrains Granolah since his acts are undesirable. Elec claims that defeating Frieza would require time and preparation and that he must wait until they are ready.
Granolah agrees to put everything on hold till then and departs. Elec talks with his family, telling them that if Granolah exceeded Gas in power, they would be in big trouble, and that he wants Frieza to take Granolah out, and that he would employ Seven-Three to track out Zuno.

Read Dragon Ball Super Manga
Read Dragon Ball Super Manga

Dragon Ball Super 69

The Right Eye of Granolah

As the Granolah arc manga proceeds, Soshiru and his soldiers attack Granolah as he travels back to his home planet. He tricks them into entering his spaceship and then begins firing at them. Cerealian’s right eyes are suited for sharpshooting, according to Oatmeel.
Granolah admits to Oatmeel that he lost one of his goals when Soshiru flees, confessing that he is still not sufficient to take on Frieza but vowing to become stronger than anybody.
After returning to Beerus’ Planet, the Oracle Fish speaks in slumber, claiming that the equilibrium in Universe 7 is changing and that the universe’s greatest warrior will emerge shortly.
Granolah returns to his home planet, which Sugarians have taken over. Granolah is treated as one of their own by the Sugarians, but he refuses to reside in their metropolis since he believes the world now belongs to them. He now resides in the highlands.
In the meantime, Beerus interrogates Vegeta about the Saiyan’s terrible past. Vegeta is baffled, thinking how this has anything to do with mastering a method employed by the Gods of Destruction.
Beerus displays his abilities by destroying a decorative planet, then warns Vegeta that until he forgives his race’s crimes, he will not be capable of manipulating the power of destruction. Beerus tells Vegeta that he’s the one who ordered Frieza to demolish Planet Vegeta, which enrages Vegeta and causes him to assault Beerus.
Beerus deflects Vegeta’s assault before striking him with a Hakai, shattering part of his armor.

Dragon Ball Super 70

Cereal Planet

Elec utilizes Seven-Three at the Heeter’s base to examine the memory of the Galactic Bandit Brigade questioning Zuno and discovers the presence of the Dragon Balls.
Returning on Cereal, Granolah finally returns and meets Monaito. The old Namekian tells Granolah that he is too weak to pursue vengeance on Frieza during a discussion.
Granolah proposes utilizing the planet’s Dragon Balls to fulfill a desire for power, but he knows he will not be able to do so since he needs a second Dragon Ball to call the Dragon. Granolah hesitantly accepts Monaito’s advice to enjoy the life they forget about vengeance.
However, Granolah discovers via a piece of information that the second Dragon Ball has been discovered by a local.  Granolah disguises himself, travels to the city, and takes the Dragon Ball before fleeing back to the mountains.
There, he calls Toronbo, the wish-granting Dragon, and begs him if he may be transformed into the best fighter in the universe, but he quickly learns that the desire is not that simple to fulfill.
Toronbo can enhance his strength, but he cannot expand his power above his latent capacity unless he agrees to a particular condition.
Vegeta resumes his training on Beerus’ planet, trying to smash a tiny rock with Hakai.  Beerus discusses the approach and demonstrates the proper way after making a huge explosion in the process. Goku and Whis train close by, with Goku speculating on which of the two will be the universe’s strongest.
Whis, on the other hand, believes that neither will win.
The Dragon leaves from Cereal, leaving Granolah alone.  Monaito, having felt the effect of his newfound power, sets out to meet him after testing his acquired might. Granolah says that he has utilized the Dragon Balls to become the universe’s greatest fighter, capable of defeating Frieza.
Monaito criticizes his choice, but it goes unheeded as Granolah rushes to meet Elec to inquire about Frieza’s whereabouts.

DBS Manga

The Influence of Granola

With the Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67 reaching new heights of excitement, Granolah comes to the Heeter’s Base two days later, seeking Frieza’s whereabouts. Irritated by the interference, Elec invites Oil to meet him; only Granolah can defeat him effortlessly.
Elec then instructs Oil to combat him. The battle is one-sided, as Oil cannot strike a single blow, and his buddy Macki has a similar fate. Elec, satisfied with Granolah’s strength but curious about where he obtained it, asks him to explain it.
Granolah informs the Heeters that he has given up 150 of his remaining years to achieve his present strength, and as a consequence, he only has three years to live.
Elec accepts the reason but tells Granolah to fly back home since they are not aware of Frieza’s exact location and finding out would take time. Granolah then walks away.
Later, as the Heeters are eating supper, Elec analyzes the present issue, saying that Granolah should not send Frieza away since he would take his spot, which he thinks belongs to them.
Not wishing Granolah to demolish the Frieza Unit because he wants control, Elec chooses to put the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta against Granolah, thinking that he will not beat the two of them alone.
While Goku and Vegeta resume their training, Granolah is spotted onboard his spacecraft. Whis inquires as to what distinguishes Goku from the Angels. Whis reveals that they are constantly in the Ultra Instinct state.
At the same time, Goku transforms to access it, thinking that he connects Ultra Instinct with his transformation, after a short demonstration in which Goku is struck on the head by Whis’ staff. Goku then realizes that he has to learn to utilize Ultra Instinct in his regular form.
Eventually, Granolah arrives at Cereal, where he decides to stay in his spacecraft until Elec informs him of Frieza’s whereabouts. Oil and Macki plan to pay a visit to Earth, but before they go, Elec wants them to go to Zuno to find out where the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta are.
A few weeks later, Oil and Macki arrive at Zuno’s Planet. Macki is given ten questions after kissing Zuno.
Oil and Macki come to Earth soon and pay a visit to Goku’s House. They concoct a tale about needing their assistance fighting a villain and promising to compensate them with Sky Gold.
Bulma calls the Saiyans after arriving at Capsule Corporation, and they are immediately interested when they learn that the enemy is said to be the strongest being in the cosmos.
Macki acquires the Dragon Radar from Capsule Corporation, which intends to acquire the Cerealian Dragon Balls. Macki promises to transport Goku and Vegeta to the enemy on their spacecraft when they return to Earth.
Meanwhile,  Macki calls Granolah, informing him that they have discovered Frieza’s whereabouts but that Frieza has been informed of his plans to murder him.
Macki informs him that Frieza has sent two Saiyan killers to him, and Granolah departs his spacecraft, declaring that he can finally get vengeance on the Saiyans after fifty years.

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Granolah vs Goku

As the story proceeds and we get to a new end of Granolah arc manga, the group lands on Cereal 18 days later.  While Macki stays on board, she tells Oil to keep a watch on the fight.
When Goku and Vegeta arrive at the designated area, they are shocked to find that the enemy is not wreaking havoc on the planet until they notice a swarm of errant Ki blasts, which they barely avoid.
Goku and Vegeta detect another round of blasts and, with Goku’s enhanced Ultra Instinct, they manage to avoid the second wave. They notice the third round of Ki blasts coming down from above, which they almost avoid until Goku gets hit in the back, knocking him out.
Goku accepts that he is reliant on Ultra Instinct, and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, locating Granolah and shooting an Energy Wave at him. Granolah repositions behind the two Saiyans, avoiding the Energy Wave, much to the latter’s surprise.
Granolah presents himself to the Saiyan pair, describing his race and all he knows about the Saiyans and then uses a mysterious technique akin to Hakai.  Vegeta informs Goku that he must fight him first as a form of retaliation, and Goku agrees.
When Granolah wonders whether Goku can change into a Great Ape, Goku says he can not and then changes into a Super Saiyan God.
Granolah attacks first, putting Goku on the defensive before activating Ultra Instinct, allowing him to easily avoid Granolah’s punches and blasts. Granolah finally knocks Goku out of his Super Saiyan God form by striking him in a critical spot.
Granolah says that his right eye allows him to observe Goku’s blood circulation and movements, enabling him to strike that crucial place.
Granolah confesses that he intends to take vengeance on Frieza, and Goku reveals that he has been putting off a transformation. Goku is surprised since he assumed Granolah was the evil guy, but an angry Granolah powers up, and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, and the two battle evenly.
Goku fights Granolah in a wooded location, evading blasts and blows until Granolah uses his scarf to swing over a tree and deliver a flying kick to Goku.
Goku regains his composure and defends himself from the Cerealian’s hard strikes, erupting in a loud yell as his aura expands into a blazing flame that obliterates the area around him.
Granolah notices that the flow of blood and cell activity inside Goku’s body has changed with his developed right eye; Goku has merged Ultra Instinct with Super Saiyan Blue appearance.
As The wave strikes Goku, Granolah can still deliver his pressure point strike at a critical spot in Goku’s neck.
Granolah is somewhat wounded when the dust settles, while Goku is worse for wear, reverted to his base form. Goku maintains that a genuine Ultra Instinct practitioner should have no weak spots and that his practice must be inadequate.
Goku changes into Perfected Ultra Instinct again, while Granolah recoils in astonishment, unable to feel any pressure points.
Goku strikes again, but this time Granolah is oblivious to his motions as the Saiyan rips off his sniper goggles and knocks him about the forest. Vegeta thinks the fight is over, but he sees that Granolah’s energy has not fallen as much as it should have. Then he notices that Granolah’s strength is coming from somewhere else.
Granolah is astonished at the power of the Saiyans and we witness a new end of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67.  He reveals to a befuddled Goku that the Granolah he is fighting is not his real self; at the outset of the conflict, he divides his strength apart, taking some of his true body’s power and producing an illusory clone to fight.
As the clone disappears into thin air, Vegeta locates the real Granolah, seated in his spacecraft, and notifies Goku.
However, when Vegeta returns to the ship, the real Granolah teleports to Goku’s position and hits a pressure point exactly over his heart, stopping it for a short while, forcing him to exit Perfected Ultra Instinct. Goku is sent falling into the trees by a last, deadly strike.
Granolah claims he intended to reserve his full power for Frieza. He is about to murder Goku with a ki blast when Vegeta interrupts him. Vegeta is not interested in attempting to reason with Granolah, so he declares that Granolah will catch up with the rest of his folks in Hell in no time.

Read Dragon Ball Super Manga
Read Dragon Ball Super Manga

Vegeta vs Granolah

When Vegeta proclaims that fusion or clones would be useless against him, Granolah declares that he no longer needs them, preferring to conserve his power for Frieza’s fight. Despite Vegeta’s assurances that he is no longer a member of Frieza’s army, Granolah is determined that he would exact his vengeance on all Saiyans.
With the Granolah Arc manga touching new excitement, Vegeta turns into his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved state without saying anything, demonstrating his increased destructive abilities by exploring many boulders surrounding Granolah.
Granolah, on the other hand, is dissatisfied, saying that Vegeta’s destructive force is insufficient, and uses his Hakai-like technique to smash a much bigger bolder than Vegeta.
Granolah unleashed a barrage of sniper rounds into the sea towards Vegeta, who avoided the assaults. He utilizes Oatmeel’s assistance to fire a strong blast straight at Vegeta as he dives into a lake.
Granolah believes Vegeta would be unable to repel his assault, but Vegeta manages to destroy it instead, despite being pushed into the sea by the ensuing shockwave.
Despite this insight, Vegeta seems to be unable to bridge the power disparity. Granolah is enraged when Vegeta claims that fighter rankings just represent a snapshot in time and that his power is continuously increasing, even when compared to only a few minutes earlier.
Granolah chooses to finish Vegeta out with a pressure point strike, shattering Vegeta’s Battle Armor and causing him to revert to his basic form. Vegeta does not collapse but instead begins to chuckle.
As Vegeta’s aura expands and explodes into a massive jet of flame that soars far over the trees, Granolah recoils in horror. This alarms both Oil and Goku, the latter remarking that Vegeta’s ki signature seems like a God’s, but not the usual type.
As Vegeta’s aura dissipates, we discover that he has transformed into a unique conception that resembles the Gods of Destruction.
At Granolah Arc manga, Vegeta unleashes a blast of his newfound strength. Vegeta comes and snatches him by the scarf as he settles it away.
Granola builds up in Vegeta’s stomach, but it seems to have no impact, with the Saiyan even proclaiming that he is getting stronger by the second before tossing his opponent onto the ruins below.
Granolah inquires whether the God of Destruction bestowed his new strength onto him, but Vegeta claims that the power is his unique and that he awoke it during their fight.
Granolah fires a barrage of energy blasts towards Vegeta, who boldly deflects them before rushing forward. Granolah conjures an Energy Shield in a panic to protect him from Vegeta’s assault.
Granolah then names his new state Ultra Ego and rushes forward with a powerful double kick that pierces Granolah’s shield and rips the city apart.
Granolah, becoming more irritated, swears that he will never lose against one of Frieza’s grunts. Granolah rejects Oatmeel, claiming that he is the most powerful being in the cosmos and that he no longer needs his help.
While the two continue to fight, Oatmeel controls Granolah’s spacecraft from afar to pick him up. Meanwhile, Goku awakens and starts the process of mending.
Vegeta realizes he has absorbed too much harm and fires a massive Double Galick Cannon at Granolah, who remains upright and aiming at Vegeta. Elec observes the fight as it unfolds and is pleased that everything is going according to plan.
He observes the three powerful warriors seem to be on the verge of eradicating each other. The Heeters then go to the first Dragon Ball.
The Granolah arc manga gets more exciting as Vegeta and Granolah resume their fight, with the former having the upper hand and the latter taunting him about it. Vegeta reverts to his original condition, but he refuses to give up. Granolah gets irritated by his insistence and moves in for the kill, but he is hit first by Goku.
Granolah rushes in to hit Vegeta’s heart, but Goku saves him by using a Kiai to push him away. Granolah inquires about how he was able to respond in time, to which Goku responds that he has a read on his crucial targeting technique and that it will no longer function.
Granolah seems to have won the battle swiftly by striking Goku on the back of the neck with a pressure point blow. On the other hand, Goku strikes Granolah from behind, saying that the same technique would not work on him indefinitely.
Vegeta shivers as he watches Goku get beaten. Vegeta takes over, informing Goku that since Granolah has only just discovered his newfound strength, he will soon reach his maximum before fading and that this will be his opportunity to win.
Vegeta reverts to his Ultra Ego condition and the fight between the two continues.
Vegeta apologizes to Beerus, admitting that he could not return to his former self and that the might of a God of Destruction was just beyond his grasp. From afar, Goku rushes in, followed by Monaito, who is propelled ahead by a spacecraft piloted by Oatmeel.
Monaito commands Granolah to come to a halt, and the resulting confusion allows Goku to knock Granolah to the Earth. Monito disembarks and informs Granolah that he had lied to him since there was one Saiyan.
Bardock, who had rescued both Granolah and himself forty years ago, was the one who had done so. This ultimate truth at the end of Dragon Ball Super  Granolah arc manga shocks every character.

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