Producer Maril Davis Promises Outlander Season 7 To Be “Exciting”: “The Revolution Has Arrived”

In a recent interview, Maril Davis, Outlander’s executive producer made a shocking comment on Outlander Season 7. When he was asked about the season’s tense cliffhanger, special episodes, and what we can see from our beloved sweethearts, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), in Outlander Season 7, he dropped an update for the fans. So, here is everything we know. 

Outlander Season 7
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Is that Tom Christie, or is it someone else? Malva? I’ve chosen to blame it on the whole fishing community

DAVIS, MARIL: You are correct. This season has a plethora of antagonists. There is no Stephen Bonnet or Jack Randall. It is debatable. “What happens if your house turns against you?” is a topic we’ve talked about. 

The Ridge turns against Jamie and Claire. Tom Christie’s motivations are dubious. It’s a black-and-white world. There are no shades of grey. Jamie and Claire are thought to be the devil by the anglers. They have no faith in what they’re doing. They are harsh, which is ironic considering Jamie and Claire welcomed them into their house!

Tom Christie and the positive impact he has had on Fraser’s Ridge

Outlander Season 7

What’s fascinating about episode 8 is that Tom is the one who comes to speak for them and defend them. Is Tom a bad guy? Is he certain Claire murdered Malva? We have no idea. We do know, though, that he believes in right and evil. And he continues to amaze us! He’s the last guy we expect to defend Jamie and Claire. 

What will Outlander Season 7 be about?

Outlander Season 7  will be based on Diana Gabaldon’s seventh novel, “An Echo in the Bone.”

Because the sixth season could not cover the whole novel “A Breath of Snow and Ashes,” executive producer Toni Graphia stated that it would show the remaining chapters in Outlander Season 7.

On The Outlander Podcast, she remarked, “Of course, it’s always a disappointment if you don’t go where you were planning to go.” “However, we knew we’d be able to incorporate the stuff we had intended for those older episodes into the current season.”

Toni went on to say: “They’re going to be huge in the next season, which we’re currently working on. We’re in the middle of season 7’s writing, and we’re talking about it on the podcast right now, so it’s a delight to see it again.”

The Revolutionary War is the subject of “An Echo in the Bone,” but there are many surprises along the road. In the shape of his son, William, fans may see a time journey and more insight into Jamie’s history. This also means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lord John Grey (David Berry).

David Berry announced his return to Outlander Season 7 in an interview with Hello! 

Is it more likely to be in Fraser’s Ridge or Wilmington?

Outlander Season 7

We may be at Fraser’s Ridge or any number of other locations. It’s our most important season yet. That’s something we say every season, and it’s true. We’re all over the place right now.

Although it was a short season, it crammed many into eight episodes. Is it on purpose that the creators ended it here with the cliffhanger?

To this the creators revealed: No. wrote this episode’s [finale] script exactly as it is now. When we realized we wouldn’t be able to finish the remaining four episodes, it seemed like the appropriate spot to stop. It was nothing short of a miracle. It’s the ideal spot to call it a day. It’s a cliffhanger, and I think we were pretty lucky.

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