Popular US Rapper Coolio Dead at Age 59!! How Did Coolio Die? Reason Will Shock You!! 

The rapping industry lost a gem on Wednesday. Popular rapper cum entertainer Coolio is no more with us. Yes, you heard it right. Coolio died last Wednesday. But how? How did Coolio die? Read on to know everything about the most devastating event in rapping history. 

Coolio Rapper – The Creator Of Gangsta’s Paradise

Coolio is one of the most reputed US rappers who has delivered a bunch of hits. He is best known for his chart-topping hit of 1995, Gangsta’s Paradise. While his real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr, the love and support of the fans gave him the stage name Coolio. 

Coolie turned out to be a global sensation when he dropped his hit song Gangsta’s Paradise. He even got his hands on the Grammy Awards as the best solo rap performance for the incredible track. In the late 1980s, Coolio also got more than five Grammy nominations which skyrocketed his popularity. 

After presenting a dozen hits, Coolie finally took his last breath at the age of 59. His manager revealed the news of Coolio death and shared the shocking reason!! 

Did Coolio Die?

Did Coolio Die
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Shocking right? But, unfortunately, it’s true. We have lost a gem. Coolio, the sensational rapper, is no more with us. On Wednesday, Coolio was found dead in the bathroom of his friend’s house, his manager reported. Well, the real cause of the death is not yet revealed. However, the authorities are actively investigating the matter. 

How Did Coolio Die? Coolie Dead At 59 

Did Coolio Die
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On Wednesday, Coolio took his last breath at a friend’s house. His manager, Jarez Posey revealed that he was spotted unresponsive in the bathroom of a close friend’s house, in the afternoon. 

After his shocking death, the fans were simply stunned. His die-hard fans took to Twitter to express their grief at Coolie death. Social media was stormed with posts and video clips featuring the incredible life and journey of Coolie, the Rockstar. 

Coolie Cause Of Death 

Did Coolio Die
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Well, as of now, neither the doctors nor the Police have revealed the actual cause of Coolio death. Police are actively investigating but as of now, there are no signs of foul play, revealed TMZ reports.  

What do you think is this a natural death? Or a planned conspiracy? 

Make sure to stay tuned as we will be covering each and every update on Coolie’s death and will present them hot to you!! 

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