Pistol Vs Johnny Rotten Lawsuit Controversy Takes A New Turn!! 

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Pistol Vs Johnny Rotten Controversy Explained!!

Pistol Vs Johnny Rotten
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Johnny Lydon was famously known by his stage name, Johnny Rotten, former lead of Sex Pistols has lost a high legal fight to prevent the punk band’s songs from being used in an upcoming TV series. 

The Sex Pistols began in 1975 and split in 1978, but they have played live performances together in several instances since then, most recently in 2008. 

The pistol is a new six-part FX series premiering on Tuesday, May 31, which recounts the phenomenal emergence of the band the Sex Pistols in 1970s London.

The band’s former drummer, Paul Cook, and guitarist, Steve Jones, sued the band’s ex-singer, John Lydon, for permission to use their songs in Pistol, a TV series made by Danny Boyle.

Pistol Vs Johnny Rotten

Pistol Vs Johnny Rotten
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So, it is Pistol vs Johnny Rotten, after viewing a teaser of the show, Lydon told The Sunday Times, “I think that is the most insulting s*** I have ever had to face.” 

Lydon also stated that the Pistol team even hired an actor Anson Boon to play him, but what is that guy working on? Undoubtedly not my character. It has no other option (but to go to court).

High court judge Anthony Mann ruled on Monday that the pair were permitted to utilize majority voting criteria against Lydon in connection to the use of Sex Pistols content in the series under the provisions of a Band Member Agreement (BMA).

Considering Rotten’s involvement in the band was extremely important, and because he is the only living member who opposes the show, the actor who plays him is under enormous pressure. Just like you all, we are also wondering what the outcome of this Pistol vs Johnny Rotten bout will be.

Lydon has already made multiple posts on his website expressing his disgust with the concept. Following the publication of the trailer, he spoke out, claiming that his picture was being used without his permission to promote the series, which he described as rewriting history and a middle-class dream.

Rambo’s Public Statement

Pistol Vs Johnny Rotten
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Rotten’s manager, John “Rambo” Stevens, made a public statement on his client’s views on the show. 

It stated: “You may have noticed posts about the FX Pistol TV series on Sex Pistols‘ official social channels. 

To be clear, John Lydon had no input in this ‘dramatization.’ He had no input in either the writing or the actor playing him.”

It ended, “John does not support or approve this series.”

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