Pirates of the Caribbean 6 With Margot Robbie Is In The Works!!

A sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film is in the works, and Margot Robbie might feature in it. Here are all the hot updates on Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Hot Updates!! 

Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has disclosed that two screenplays for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 are being developed, one with Robbie and one without. 

Bruckheimer is now promoting Tom Cruise’s following action picture Top Gun: Maverick and recently spoke with The Sunday Times about creating the film.

The main issue is whether or not Johnny Depp will return to the franchise. According to rumors, Disney isn’t interested in working with Depp and has even turned down his appearance in the next Margot Robbie Pirates film. 

Depp is presently suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million in defamation over domestic violence charges against him, which he passionately denies. 

Depp stated during his testimony that he would never return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

That complicates things, but Depp’s supporters are rallying behind him, and a petition to rehire him as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 has been started. 

Things might change if he wins his pending litigation and his reputation in Hollywood is restored. Depp has the backing of his fans, and if enough people ask for it, he won’t refuse to reprise his legendary role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Unfortunately, Depp will not be appearing in the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 film, according to Bruckheimer. When asked if Johnny Depp would be willing to return, the seasoned producer said, “No. The future is still up in the air.” 

While those are not the words that fans want to hear, it looks like Depp’s return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is questionable but not impossible.

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Johnny Depp Wanted To Give The Pirates of the Caribbean Series A ‘Proper Farewell’ 

Pirates of the Caribbean 6
Credit – Screenrant.com

Amber Heard’s legal team questioned Johnny Depp about his claims that he’d never play Jack Sparrow again even if Disney handed him “$300 million and a million alpacas” while testifying in the current trial.

When Heard’s claims resurfaced, Disney discreetly dismissed him from the franchise, his fate on thin ice following the mediocre success of 2017’s Dead Men No Tales.

Depp is one of the key reasons why the Pirates of the Caribbean series is so popular worldwide, and he felt “betrayed” after being found guilty without due process. Depp, too, wished for the long-running and wildly successful franchise to end on a high note and with a satisfactory conclusion.

Disney has hired Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey, Batgirl) to write Pirates of the Caribbean 6, which will feature Margot Robbie. 

There’s no information on who will star in the other Pirates of the Caribbean 6 film under production, but the screenplay is written by Chornobyl inventor Craig Mazin and The Curse of the Black Pearl writer Ted Elliot. 

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently spoke about his forthcoming picture Top Gun: 

Pirates of the Caribbean 6
Credit – Screenrant.com

Maverick, which will be released on May 24, 2022. He said that they are making work on Pirates 6 throughout the chat. He responded yes when questioned if it was still moving forward. 

Yes. We’re speaking with Margot Robbie right now. “This might signal that discussions have slowed since the film’s first release two years ago.We are drafting two Pirates screenplays – one with her, one without,” he continued.

So, fans, will you miss Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6? Tell us in the comment box. 



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    1. There is only one Captain of the Pirates and that is Johnny Depp. We had seen him develop, grow and age like the rest of us real life swashbuckling, haha. At least do one more P of the C to end Jack’s life as a pirate. Then turn him into a properly named nobleman in society.

  1. A 6th Pirate of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp is the most ridiculous move this industry will regret. Pirates of the Caribbean is and will always be not only remembered and loved for the one and only famous Johnny Depp and its preposterous to even think about creating a pirates of the Caribbean 6 without him not to mention replaced by another character. Johnny Depp and his personal life should be nobody’s Business talk is cheap gossip is cheap no one knows what exactly occurs in anybody’s relationship but i can tell you this… Someone who would stick around year after year and let someone else slap them around but yet continue to stay and let it happen…. Would most definitely need their head examined what happened between them two I don’t know and I don’t care but whatever it was for her to stay there with him as long as she did I don’t see how it could have been all that bad if it was as bad as she said it was I don’t understand why she stayed around but I can guarantee you that she decided to marry him before she ended their relationship and to stick that marriage out just long enough in order for her to gain something from that relationship. Not only do I think she exaggerated so much stuff it’s obvious there were lies in her testimonies someone like that is discredible right off the get go if they can’t tell the truth he may have lied too but it was obvious he also was a victim of domestic abuse but any of this bullshit whatsoever should not have anything to do with doing their job and doing their job very very well he should not have been dismissed from any films over somebody’s bullshit put into a newspaper nobody’s life is anybody’s business and to spread gossip into lie about half of the gossip whatever it was no one will ever know the truth and I do not believe that he should have been dismissed from anything or any film it had nothing to do with his work whatsoever there was someone on there saying people talk it’s a small community they were here and bad things about Johnny so what it’s all hearsay and that Court findings in the last trial to me that was ridiculous to be judged convicted by a judge. Pirates of the Caribbean films was one of our families best films to watch ever with Johnny Depp he made the character he made the film.. as far as this trial between him and his ex-wife I am on no one side either one of them but I just think it’s ridiculous to cut him out of his work because of this bullshit way to go Hollywood

  2. Seriously, who, besides publicity groupies, would see this? Clueless Disney producers, etc., would waste their money on this hastily made piece of trap?
    Fact: Johnny Depp MADE the Pirate movies, even the lesser ones were fun. Peace and Love to you, Johnny. You deserve both.

  3. I will NOT see any pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp! If they make it with Margot Robbie I hope it flops!!

  4. if they can’t or don’t want him backmy $will go towards another movie. An I don’t blame Johnny not wanting to come back, thats his choice. I still and always will 💖 u JD stay strong!

  5. I enjoyed all the”Pirate of the Caribbean movies! I want Johnny Depp in this one too! It won’t be the same! I’m one of his fans A very great actor!

  6. I would not want to see Johnny go back, after he’s What they did by firing him. I don’t believe he deserved that. I would actually like him to move on to another Great Character. I believe he can do anything. That’s how talented he is. I am a fan of Johnny Depp. Johnny get this behind you, and move onto new and better movies. Loved you in all your movies. Go remind everyone what a good Actor you are. I love you in all movies. Go Big, or go home. Go Big Johnny.

  7. I will not see any Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnnie Depp – and if Margot Robbie takes this role I will never again see anything she’s in. Shame on you Disney!! You treated Johnny guilty before proven innocent and I hope this movie tanks for it! Shame on you! Disgraceful. I used to be a huge Disney fan.

    1. I agree! I won’t be watching any POTC film without JD and the same goes for Fantastic Beasts! As soon as my year subscription is up, I will be canceling Disney+ as well.

    2. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DROP DISNEY! Our family is so upset that disney did this to Johnny Depp. We have bought almost every disney movie for our kids when they were growing up and had planned on doing the same thing for our grandchildren. BUT NOT NOW, neither myself or any of my children will purchase ANYTHING THAT HAS disney even associated with it. Time to stop disney permanently… disney is GUILTY

  8. hollywood and Disney wasn’t built on politics and they know better than to constantly dethrone their workforce that invested in their franchises and volunteered over 1000 hrs every year to help with all the setbacks the businesses are going through because it’s TEAMWORK and it’s WHY you hired all these people to be your casts and crew in ALL your movies… silly hollywood and disney drama… you keep asking us “what’s your dream?!” …..don’t you dare act like there aren’t bad guys out to kill your crewmates and castmates.

  9. If Johnny Depp isn’t in the film I myself and alot if people will not go. Big mistake in Disney’s part not doing what public wants.

  10. Johnny Depp made the Pirates movie No one could ever do the movie any justice but him. It will flop without him.

  11. I have all the cds of pirates of the Caribbean to date. But if Johnny won’t be in them anymore I won’t watch them . He is Captain Jack Sparrow period. 🤟

  12. It won’t be pirates of the caribbean without Johnny Depp don’t think it will work with anyone else

  13. Pirates can never be the same without Depp, he is who everyone wants to see, his personel life should not be an effect on his role of Jack Sparrow, who we all promise will not go spend our money on to see a Lady whom cannot ever replace Jack. His fan base should be what Disney follows not some rag mags with as we all know, has favoritism and allot of fake journalism, opinionated by the writers lust to be read. Disney should have at least let six be Johnny’s goodbye in his own acting way.

  14. No Jack Sparrow..No Johnny Depp humor to keep the movie going…Pirates of the Caribbean is Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp made his character alive and funny. I am sure I can find something else to watch. Alot of people will boycot this movie without Johnny Depp.!!!!


    2. I’m with everyone here. Sammie you’ve said it best so far. No Depp….it’s not ever going to be worth watching…….

  15. Johnny Depp is Porates of the Carribean
    Without him there is no reason to watch. It’s terrible that so many enemies in the US are guilty until.prpven innocent.

  16. Miss him??? You bet! Johnny Depp is all about the Pirates movies, plain and simple. No Johnny, no Pirates movie.

  17. I’m Sooo hopefully praying that Jerry and Disney Change their mind’s and Rehire Johnny Depp, for at least to give Captain Jack Sparrow a Proper Send Off.Im so Hoping they WILL.

  18. It’s crazy not using Johnny. Having a woman is not the same by far. Without Johnny the show won’t make it. I won’t watch it go go see it in a theater. Making a nig mistake not having Johnny to end the last serie 6. He needs to be the one. Not a woman.

  19. No Johnny Depp.NO MORE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! Won’t be watching without Johnny! He is what makes the movie. Won’t be watching without him.

  20. It is outrageous how Disney treated Johnny Depp who’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow made Disney millions of dollars. I would never see a Pirates without Johnny Depp in it; that would be like supporting Disney’s cold and unfair treatment of him.

  21. It would not be the same without Johnny Depp and it used the main character of parts of the Caribbean

  22. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow. Pointless making the movies without him! Obviously it’s gonna flop and rightfully so since Disney let someone make a TERRIBLE decision based on unproven hearsay!! 🤣 No one is gonna pay to see that trash!!

  23. Disney has become a huge disappointment from all the ridiculous bs they’ve been doing lately to now this? Johnny made the movies and without him they won’t be anything.

  24. Captain Jack Sparrow MAKES the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! I won’t be watching any without Johnny Depp.

  25. Look Disney made a huge mistake. They found Jonny Depp guilty before the trial. So now you will pay for that. I say no Jonny Depp no movie worth watching. Let’s all stand up for Me.Depp and if no Mr.Depp

  26. NO ONE CAN REPLACE JOHNNY DEPP!!! No one I know will give their money to you. I hope you do this movie and make nothing from it. DISNEY KILLED THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!! DOWN WITH DISNEY

  27. Disney is being stupid. It will never be a true pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I don’t know as it will even be worth watching as he made the movies such a success.

  28. Johnny Depp is the only reason I watch Pirate’s of the Caribbean. It’s nothing without Jack Sparrow.

  29. Pirates of the Caribbean ONLY works with Johnny Depp! I won’t be interested in watching it without him. The whole series is him!!!!

  30. Will not watch w/o johnny Depp pirate’s will not be the same, please he has made that whole movie series. Who cares if they bring someone else.

  31. Sorry Disney……no Depp, no watch
    Depp made those movies worth watching……not a easy main character to replace, even harder to replace the actor who brought his personality and understanding into development of the movies….over all 5 movies…….won’t be the same movie as the others or feel……

  32. Definitely will not watch a new Pirates movie if someone else is playing Johnny Depp’s roll! He is the ONLY Jack Sparrow and made the movie what it is so nope cant watch it, dont want to, cause NO ONE can be Jack, only Depp can!!

  33. I want to see all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the movies and then when they were released on DVD I purchased all of them I will not go see the one without Johnny Depp and I will not purchase the one without Johnny Depp. Jack Sparrow being portrayed by Johnny Depp is Pirates of the Caribbean

  34. Disney is purely arrogant if they think this will have any success, either make the movie with Johnny or don’t make it at all.

  35. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is why my friends and I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean. Without him and his wacky character there will no reason to watch the new one. Not to mention they dropped him for a reason that has never been proven. No loyalty. I hope the movie tanks!

  36. It’s not pirate’s of the Caribbean with out Johnny Depp!!! Come on people he made the movie. I probably won’t watch it with out Johnny Depp!

  37. I only watch pirates of the carribean because of johnny depp. He will always be captain Jack sparrow and pirates without him would not be worth watching. Shame on disney for letting him go because of unsubstantiated allegations. You should be standing with him as he made the pirates movies so popular and you made millions from them. Despicable, I don’t blame him for not wanting to come back

  38. JD and Captain Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean are one and the same. How can you separate them? Bad business decision if you try.

  39. Johnny Depp must be restore by Walt Disney Association give him the recognition that he have established she has given the American people and people around the world the recognition ask a star Jack Sparrow is the man for the right job he brings Adventure and comedy to the movie industry we out Johnny Depp there is no Pirates of the Caribbean Walt Disney must give us the original copy the original character Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow

  40. Never would I spend my money if Johnny Depp isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow. And my group is considering not standing with Disney at all , due to some other choices they have made. Also, the park is no longer the happiest place on earth, due to the technicality of trying to visit Not good choices Disney. And that’s just my opinion.

  41. Johnny Depp if the reason everyone watches Pirste’s of the Caribbean. Great actor and wonderful human being.

    1. Mr. Johnny Depp is the best actor ever!!! Offer JD the moon to get him to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

      1. I am disappointed with Disney and their decision that they make without true facts. I will not watch this “pirates of the Caribbean ” if Johnny Depp will not be in it. Nothing against other actors, just Disney knuckle heads that think the can judge without facts. I wish all you Disney polly wogs jump on your bikes and the seat is missing!

  42. I will not go see the movie without Jack Sparrow. He is the one that “” the movie . Without Johnny Depp it will never be the same. I’m surprise Disney dismissed him just like that. Without waiting to see if he was innocent !! Bad judgement on their part!!

  43. There is NO Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. I will NOT go see any of them without him……not wasting my time

  44. Not having Depp is just another example of why my family and I are not Disney fans much anymore.

  45. Pirates of the Caribbean will not be the same without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. He made the the movie. Probally won’t even bother, going to see it, if he is not in it. He is an icon. Think it is a shame, that Disney dropped him before he could prove his innocents. Men are victims of domestic violence too and he had been persecuted by Disney as well as Amber Heard. Your the best Johnny!!

  46. Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow!!! I wouldnt dare tarnish this movie by replacing him!!! Any attempts to do this will simply destroy all our remaining respect for Disney..BRING JD Back!!!

  47. I will not be going to see this movie without Johnny Depp in it as he makes it very funny and absolutely hilarious to watch and seems like his interactions with the other cast members is perfectly on point!!

  48. Pirates will never be the same without Johnny Depp. It just won’t be worth watching. He made that character and those movies what they are! No one could take his place. A Pirates movie without Captain Jack Sparrow just won’t work!

  49. I am disappointed with Disney and their decision that they make without true facts. I will not watch this “pirates of the Caribbean ” if Johnny Depp will not be in it. Nothing against other actors, just Disney knuckle heads that think the can judge without facts. I wish all you Disney polly wogs jump on your bikes and the seat is missing!

  50. I must of hurt your feelings disney. You took my post off, I’m only sorry , calling you polly worst, and that I hope that you all would jump on your bikes and the seat is missing, I understand that made you upset. Polly wog is a spinless sea critter, and ….wait you guys are polly wogs, and yes I do hope you jump on your bikes and the seat is missing. I take my apologies back. You like to judge without facts. No Johnny Depp, I will not see your Disney movie! I have spoken!

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