Worst Things Peter Parker Did To Disappoint Fans

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“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

We hope our MCU Fans will make out who is the topic of discussion today!

Any guesses??? Let us share some hints….

One of our favorite Superheroes. The one who has the most humble heart.

Who cares so much for his friends and his Aunt… Who can seldom hurt anyone unless….

So we are talking about none other than our beloved Spider-Man aka Peter Parker!!!

Peter Parker’s decisions!

Peter Parker
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We all view Peter Parker as one of the most humble and empathetic superheroes who care way beyond for his family and friends. 

The sacrifices made by Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, have always proved how devoted he is to his family, Aunt May, and friends! 

But ultimately, Spider-Man is also a human… Thus he also cannot run away from making some bad choices in life…!! 

Recently on Reddit, a fascinating thread caught our attention. 

The topic was something that we wanted and couldn’t resist reading further! The fans initiated a debate on the worst things Peter Parker has ever done in all these years. Let us know the crux of the discussion that happened there!!

Giving away his marriage in 1 more day!

Peter Parker
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At the top was “Giving away his marriage in 1 more day”. This is about the Marvel Comics series titled “Spider-Man: One More Day.” It was about the period after the “Civil War” when Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world. 

This makes his everyday life not so ordinary and adds many troubles to his family life, where Aunty May was shot. To get her back, Peter Parker leaves no stone unturned, and then ultimately, he is offered a sinister deal by Mephisto. 

He wants to take away the marriage of Mary Jane & Peter along with all its recollections in exchange for giving life to Aunty May. Peter Parker and Mary Jane both accepted this offer, which wasn’t a choice of the fans!! They expected Marvel to allow Peter to grow by accepting the loss and facing the grief!

Kissed Gwen – Are You Serious?? 

Another lousy decision of Spider-Man aka Peter Parker was kissing Gwen in Spider-Man 3, played by Bryce Dallas Howard while being with Mary Jane. That was an arrow right in our hearts, Peter Parker!!!

Amazing Spider-Man #68

This featured another bad, wrong decision of our beloved Spider-Man when he yelled at the protesters about the police brutality. Coming from you, this was hard to take Spider-Man!!

Eating his Loved Ones!

Peter Parker
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Under the harmful effect of the infection, Peter Parker, who wanted to save Mary Jane and Aunty May, ends up eating them!!

Can you believe this!! As per 2005’s Marvel Zombie Issue#1, the alien virus infects almost everyone on Earth-2149, along with Peter Parker. He eats them both as he can’t control his urge. 

In addition, fans on Reddit felt that Peter Parker made several other terrible decisions, including yelling at protesters about police brutality in “Amazing Spider-Man #68” and him kissing Gwen (Bryce Dallas Howard) while being with Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane in “Spider-Man 3.” However, u/ForeverFirebird00 offered another suggestion: “Probably eating his loved ones.” 

This is a reference to 2005’s Marvel Zombies Issue #1, where an alien virus infects nearly all of Earth-2149, including Peter Parker. After becoming infected, as he tries to save Mary Jane and Aunt May, Peter eats them both as he cannot control the urge.

These are some of the bad decisions made by Spider-Man as per the fandom verdict. The biggest bad amongst these was kissing Gwen while being with Mary Jane!!! 


Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, being a Superhero, is also a human, and humans make mistakes! 

Do you think the same? Do let us know your reviews! Follow us for more such updates!

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