Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero: 5 Things We Want Her To Do

Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero look is out and the fans are excited to see something different from the character. So, here is all we know. 

Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero
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Dragon Ball Super is one of the most highly anticipated anime. The series introduces new threats, allies, and universes that significantly change the series. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will continue the anime’s story through an upcoming feature film, which promises to shift its focus to some of Dragon Ball’s overlooked characters. 

This article explores 5 Things We Want To Pan To Do In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero

#1 Pan Trains Under Piccolo

Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero
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One of the most exciting things about Dragon Ball Super is introducing new threats to the characters. While Goku and Vegeta train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan takes on Piccolo as a mentor with Pan by his side. She trains rigorously under him and eventually masters the Makankosappo technique. Seeing her power increase   

#2 Pan Learns The Kamehameha

In Dragon Ball Z, we see Gohan struggle to learn the Kamehameha from his father. However, in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Pan quickly learns the technique and fires it with perfect aim. She also destroys a small planet with her Kamehameha, which proves her immense power.

#3 Pan Fights Alongside Gohan And Videl

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Pan can finally fight alongside her father and mother. The three of them make for a powerful team and take down some of the series’ strongest villains. This includes Zamasu, who was previously thought to be unbeatable.

Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero
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#4 Pan Performs Fusion

The two of them become Gotenks, a mighty warrior who can take on some of the strongest fighters in the series. 

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Pan can perform fusion with Goten. While it’s unclear if this will be featured in the upcoming film, it would make for an exciting battle.

#5 Pan Contributes To The Final Fight

While Dragon Ball Super: Broly may have been the end of the series, there’s always a possibility that things could change. 

After all, there’s still the matter of Universe Seven’s Tournament of Power. With her father and grandfather out of commission, it would be up to Pan to take on the challenge. 

So, here is everything the fans want from Pan Dragon Ball Super Hero. Share what’s your views on her, in the comment box.

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