Ozark Season 5 Leaks: Showrunner Confirmed That Fan-Favorite Character Is Really Dead!! 

Recently, Netflix dropped some amazing Ozark season 5 leaks, to stun the fans. Here is everything we know so far. 

Ozark season 5 leaks
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Ozark viewers have watched the Byrde family slide deeper and deeper into a web of lies, corruption, and murder throughout four seasons, culminating in the series’ conclusion in recent weeks.

As is customary for any series finale, discovering the story’s climax sparked a significant debate about how the real ending was handled, particularly how it portrayed one specific character’s demise. 

While extensively indicating their death, the nature of fandom makes it difficult to take such a death as a given. Yet, showrunner Chris Mundy made some shocking revelations about the series. Here are some shocking Ozark Season 5 leaks. 

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Ozark Season 5 Leaks: The Fan-Favorite Character Is Dead!!

Ozark season 5 leaks
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Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore became a fan favorite in subsequent seasons, especially given how many of her friends and family members were slain due to the Byrdes’ many machinations. 

Ruth sought vengeance on Javi after the murder of her cousin Wyatt, only for Javi’s mother to shoot Ruth in the last episode, leaving her dead.

Mundy acknowledged to TVLine that there was a discussion. “About half of the authors, maybe a little less than half, thought it was great to hear Ruth was out there in the world and doing well.”

Ruth was able to clean her criminal record and utilize the money she acquired from Wyatt’s death to buy the Byrde-run casino, providing her with as happy a future as possible. 

On the other hand, Mundy felt it wasn’t genuine to the series “if everybody just gets off too easily.”

Ozark season 5 leaks
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“It began to feel as though the writers were pushing a nice conclusion on the characters because we acted as surrogate parents. Are we conveying a true story if nothing [tragic] happens?” Mundy inquired. “We discussed it, disputed it, and I knew exactly what everyone in the room believed.”

“Trying to find out the best option for the program was incredibly hard and emotional,” he continued.

Following speculations that Netflix was contemplating producing Ozark spinoffs, and they were even wondering about Ozark Season 5 leaks, Mundy dismissed Ruth’s chances of survival, saying, “I’m sorry; she is.”

What Happens At The End Of Ozark Season 4? 

The Ozark showrunner described how the tough and painful choice to kill Ruth tied back to the show’s central subject of capitalism’s cruelty. Ozark Season 4‘s story addresses the disparity between the Langmores and the Byrdes as a deconstruction of class. 

Garner portrays Ruth, and Bateman shows Marty. There’s a winner and a loser, with the latter treading on the former and abandoning her for dead. The Langmores are (essentially) all over due to the Byrdes, who get off scot-free, at least politically.

Ozark season 5 leaks
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Marty and Wendy return home to see Mel Sattem clutching the cookie jar with Ben’s ashes in the Ozark finale. The private investigator could not accept their offer of a better life/career since he could not sell his soul. 

Before the end credits roll, Jonah Byrde murders the former Chicago officer, proving that the Byrdes “[won’t] get to win…the world doesn’t operate that way.” Ozark’s finale is extremely contentious, in addition to that perplexing and senseless car wreck. The last episode has a series low IMDb rating of 6.9, which is certainly influenced by the fact that the peerless Ruth Langmore is unmasked as dead.

So, fans, are you craving to see an Ozark spinoff, with Ruth? Make sure to follow us for more amazing Ozark Season 5 leaks and news. 

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