Ozark Season 4 Spoilers: Show’s Biggest Victim Wasn’t Ruth – It Was This Character!! 

If you have not yet tuned into the latest episodes of Netflix’s hit series, Ozark, or even if you have watched all episodes and you are in tears on Ruth’s death, this article is for you. Here are some incredible Ozark Season 4 spoilers which say Ruth was not the main victim of the game of crime and death. 

It isn’t easy to overstate how much Ozark’s Jonah Byrde and Ruth Langmore have been mistreated throughout their four seasons. They’d been caught in a vicious cycle, with Jonah enmeshed in white-collar crime due to his mother and father’s money laundering and Ruth performing the dirty job with the Navarros on the drug side of the enterprise (earlier than she crossed the lethal Camila Navarro).

Ozark Season 4 Spoilers

Although they were grown enough to make their own decisions, they still desired more from life, so the Byrdes took advantage of them and put them on a string.

Jonah thought he could help protect the family so they could leave the dirty city behind and return to normalcy. 

Ruth longed to earn enough money to escape the curse that she believed afflicted her family. Neither of them got their wish. However, as devastating as their stories were, Jonah’s sister Charlotte was the present’s most prominent victim.

Here are some amazing Ozark Season 4 spoilers that reveal why Charlotte is the main victim of the death show. 

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Ozark Season 4 Spoilers: Charlotte was remarkably self-absorbed!! 

Ozark Season 4 Spoilers

Charlotte was affronted that the Byrdes returned to Chicago after a lifetime of comfortable white privilege. When she discovered what Marty was doing and how Wendy was turning into a monster, she gradually misplaced pieces of herself. She began to rebel because she felt alone. 

Charlotte then attempted to emancipate herself, only to realize that she had to do so inside the beast’s stomach if she wanted to protect Jonah. This sparked a significant shift in Charlotte’s role as Wendy’s helper, requiring her to schedule appointments, handle bank transfers, deal with pervy creeps like Javi Navarro, and keep an eye on dangers like Ruth and Rachel Garrison. She even began to believe that surrendering to the approaching darkness was her last hope of surviving.

Here comes the ultimate twist on Ozark Season 4 spoilers. 

Even though she wasn’t selling her soul or going on an influence trip, Ozark Season 4 revealed that she was still working in the industry, as the insider Jonah suspected. Charlotte’s situation was made worse when she sided with her grandfather Nathan.

Charlotte surprised Wendy by consenting to the bargain, saying that if Marty wanted to stay with Wendy, he could. 

Ozark Season 4 reinforced Charlotte’s long history of suffering

Ozark Season 4 Spoilers

While Jonah could still rely on Ruth and Darlene Snell, Charlotte needed to stick with her mother and father and play the long game that may have resulted in her being killed or incarcerated. 

As per Ozark Season 4 spoilers, Wendy’s reward was even more emotional abuse and gaslighting, so she didn’t seem to mind if Nathan was just as shattered. Charlotte just wanted to leave, which became even more urgent after her best friend Wyatt was murdered.

Charlotte’s grief and regret climax when she refuses to visit Wendy when her mother pretends to be mentally ill. Wendy sacrificed Ben and utilized the same psychological capability as bait, upsetting Charlotte. It reminded her of how she had been duped and how Wendy had pressured them to stay as her political ambitions developed.

Charlotte, on the other hand, had to face her pain alone. In the end, she was permanently broken by a devastating deception. As sad as Jonah and Ruth’s tragic travels were, the lonely Charlotte deserved more pity, especially because Jonah became a villain in Ozark’s conclusion.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Ozark Season 4 spoilers and updates on the upcoming seasons. Happy watching!! 

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  1. Well I understand they are thinking about a vampire spinoff of Ozark, maybe you can bring back Ruth, Ben and the others and they get back at Wendy and Marty, Charlotte can use an Ouija board practicing her black magic and that’s how you kick it off

  2. No spin off .. it will just throw the whole movie off. Not understanding the point of that.. Money laundering to vampires makes no sense to me .

  3. Ben was the biggest victim. A sweet, kind, loving person with a illness he couldn’t control. Marty and Wendy had millions, they could’ve hired a caretaker for him on his own island and visited him on his good days. I loved Ben


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