You Must Know These Key Points Before Watching Overlord Season 4

We know you’ve desperately waited so long for Overlord Season 4. And we are sure you won’t be needing a recap of the series from our end, too. 

But here, we want you to remember these key plot points before you head to watch the oh-so-amazing Overload Season 4; let’s get going?

So what’s the anime Overload series all about?

Overlord Season 4
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Overlord is a fantastic isekai anime series with dark fantasy elements. The main character of this anime series is Ainz Ooal Gown, formerly known as Momonga: Chill guys, we know he is everyone’s favorite!

So basically, the story is about Momonga, who finds himself transported into a popular online game called YGGDRASIL, and the server shuts down. Ah, with no option remaining, he thus begins to explore the world to figure out after all that’s happening to him? 

The players, with their crazy creativity, can make things that are impossible to do in real life: I wish it were possible for us, too?

So far, there are three seasons of the Overlord Anime Series. All three seasons have 13 episodes each, and not to forget; fans loved watching them. 

You can’t miss these points as Overlord Season 4 is knocking!! 

Overlord Season 4
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Momonga is thus sent to an alternative world when he hasn’t logged out from the game. Also, it’s seen that all the non-players have gained their self-awareness. Undoubtedly, Momonga tried his best to make that not happening virtual world his own, but was it all in vain? 

How smartly he keeps an eye on the players in the same situation. Oh yes, how can we forget he took up the guild’s name as Ainz Ooal Gown in Season 1? 

Enjoying exploring his new world, it was bound that he would make new enemies, too. Then, he fights his real battle with Clementine and rescues Nfirea. 

But when he knows she’s being mind-controlled, he tries to get back her consciousness with him elevated to the highest adventurer rank!

Season 2 and Season 3: 

With Ainz exploring more about this world, he finds out about the “Eight Fingers”, which was a criminal organisation. After multiple unexpected events, his goal was still to create a world where everyone could get along. So he wanted his kingdom through Nazarick: When the Baharuth Empire saw his powerful side, they helped him, too. 

Overlord Season 4
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But lastly, what happened?

The ambitious Ainz defeats thousands of enemies with his one magical spell. We were happy to see E-Rantel surrendering and officially announcing Ainz to be the initiation of the Sorcerer Kingdom! Now, what is he going to do and mainly how? 

Let’s end it or not?

The fans have patiently waited for around four years, and now with Overlord Season 4 all set to come this July, we are sure this recap was much needed. Stay tuned for more such updates. Ah, don’t forget to bookmark our page… 

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