Outlander Season 7 will not air on Starz in June 2022!! Know the new release date

Outlander is a historical drama series based on Diana Gabaldon’s ongoing novel series of the same name. With season 6 getting so much love, the hype for Outlander Season 7 has reached new heights. So, here is all we know about the new season. 

Outlander Season 7 Updates

Outlander Season 7
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Claire Randall, a married former Second World War military nurse in Scotland, is transported back in time to 1743 in this film. 

She meets Jamie Fraser, a Highland warrior, falls in love with him, and eventually gets married.

The first season of the series, based on the first novel in the series, Outlander, began on August 09th, 2014. 

The most recent season of the show, which premiered on March 06th, 2022, was based on the book ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Outlander Season 7 is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Here’s all you need to know about Outlander Season 7.

Outlander Season 7 Release Date

Outlander Season 7
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Is Season 7 of Outlander set to premiere in June on Starz? No, Outlander Season 7 will not premiere in June, as the producers have yet to announce an official release date. 

Season 7 was picked up by Starz from executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Sony Pictures Television in March 2021, even before Season 6 began broadcasting. 

It will be based on An Echo in the Bone, the seventh book in the Outlander series. Aside from that, there’s little known about season 7 of Outlander and its cast.

There is no announced release date for Outlander Season 7 as of now. The following season’s production began in late March 2022. 

Caitriona Balfe told Glamour in late April that production on the upcoming season has “been really lovely.” “We’re almost done with the first block of episodes,” Balfe remarked, “but it’s been a lot of fun.”

Outlander Season 7 Plot

Season 6 concluded on a cliffhanger, which will be addressed in the 7th season. 

Claire is currently incarcerated in Wilmington, and it is possible that she may be tried for the murder of Tom Christie’s daughter, Malva, and condemned to death if convicted. 

Jamie has been liberated from Richard Brown’s Committee of Safety, and he is currently on his way to save her alongside Young Ian and John Quincy Myers.

The 7th season will also reveal the identity of Malva’s killer and the significance of time traveler Wendigo Donner’s reappearance. As we saw in the Season 6 finale, there will be more risks for the Fraser family.

Claire’s arrival in Wilmington causes tension, and as Claire’s trial approaches, there will be a revolution. 

Outlander Season 7 Cast

Outlander Season 7
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The main characters are almost likely to return for the second season and be a part of the Outlander Season 7 cast, including:

  • Claire Fraser is playing Caitriona Balfe.
  • Jamie Fraser is playing Sam Heughan.
  • Roger Mackenzie is playing Richard Rankin.
  • Brianna Mackenzie is playing Sophie Skelton.

How many episodes will be there in Outlander Season 7?

Season 7 of Outlander will be substantially bigger than previous seasons, with Starz Public Relations telling Glamour that the following season will have a whopping 16 episodes.

Although we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from the producers to find out who will be the season 7 of Outlander cast appearing in the new season, we are very much eager to see them all in the series.

How excited are you to see them? Drop your comment in the comment section below.

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        1. Outlander has been my favorite series since it first began in 2014. I have read all of the books twice and I have watched all available episodes numerous times! After convincing my husband to watch an episode one night, he is now addicted to Outlander as much as I am. We are looking for to Season 7.

      1. I binged outlander about close to 200 times and then some Imy ancestors from s
        Scotland and hoping to go and trace my roots back the1600s

  1. My daughter was watching and I got hooked on the series. I love all the cast members. But Clair and Jamie’s love story is the best.

  2. I have watched Outlander since the beginning. I have also watched every season 3 times. I love the story & I’m excited to see Jamie & Claire again.

  3. I am anxiously awaiting Four Season 7 are the Outlander I’d dearly love this program do not miss an episode best program on Starz

  4. My wife and I have watched all 6 seasons six times, marveling in the acting, sets, costumes, scripting. The story is of course engaging. Excited for Season 7, Slainte mhath!

  5. Can hardly wait! Love the characters and the story lines and the love between Clara and Jamie! It’s a real love story. Jamie is a freice defender and protector of Clara and Clara if Jamie. The time travel is a wonderful spiin. The events are also thepretty accurate of history.

  6. I started watching from the first. I’ve watched numerous times but I’m not positive how many. I love Jamie and Claire. They work together and love each other fiercely! They got the dream. I’ve ended up learning more and being interested in American history. I certainly wasn’t in high school. I can’t imagine not having OUTLANDER to look forward to! Droughtlander takes too long. Hahaha!!!

  7. Although it can’t last forever it’s the best series ever, I wish it would carry us through the Revolutionary War. Can’t wait for season 7 to start

  8. Excited i read all of outlander books so i am waiting for hiw ir will be oresented looking forward to watch my favorite Starz series

  9. I have watched since the beginning as well as read all the books before series came out great story and interesting to see changes from the book

  10. It’s fun to watch in our Scottish home, who’s ancestors were at the battle of Culloden .

    1. I’m sure it was an amazing thing for those whose ancestors were a part of such historic events. I find the entire story, thus far, to be fascinating, compelling moving. The Historical relevance of the first 2 books/seasons was not lost on me. The Scots long fight for Independence from British rule and the Passions their struggle ignited in so manyis an epic story unto itself. The Battle of Culloden, fought so Fiercely, was… is, both Triumph and Tragedy. As I read, and watched, it was almost as if the real events were being played out in my heart; like I knew the real men who fought and died on that moor. Something, which I can not name nor describe, wrapped around my heart and soul, and was slowly absorbed by them. When I watched the scene showing the character, Claire, and her first husband visiting the site of the battle intense, raw emotion washed over me like a great Tsunami.
      I’m sorry.. I don’t usually write like this… I do have a strong attachment to Scotland, and the Highlands in particular. I have had for as long as I can remember…. though I do not know why. There’s one thing I do know however; it’s not that I love Outlander…no, the story is a part of me now, every bit as much as Scotland is!
      One day soon, I will get to see all that beauty for myself!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

  11. I am anxiously awaiting season 7! Outlander is one of my favorite series on tv!! I wished it didn’t take so long between seasons! Love the series!!

  12. I am so eager & excited to see season 7! I got interested in History because of Outlander, and found that one of my ancestors Matthew Thornton, signed the Declaration of Independence! It would be so awesome if they wrote a small part for his appearance in the show!

  13. I’m getting tired of the carrot on a string Season openers. Season 7 is the worst yet. To compound things, I started this series on Starz and now I understand I have to ressurrect my Netflix subscription to see Season 7. Season 6 on Starz was short enough. Not enough episodes.


  15. I love these series, the cast and the amazing story line. The chemistry withing the actors seem real..the crew has done a remarkable job. I look forward to see more.

  16. Excited about season 7 coming out. I have watched season 1 thru 6. I really enjoy the characters expertly the romance that Jamie and Claire have and their experiences.

  17. I am so excited and can’t wait for season 7! I have loved every one so far. I have read all of the books in the series and look forward to seeing what happens next

  18. I love the actors and characters.
    Eventhough I ‘ve reached books it’s fun to see the series versions. Writing and producing is outstanding and very worthy of awards in addition to the overlooked actors.

  19. I can’t wait for this amazing show and actors to come back! It is my favorite show of all time and so well done. It has everything you could possible want. Thankyou so much for giving us such a wonderful show. I never could get tired of watching all the episodes over and over. Bless you all and the whole wonderful cast, producers, writers and everyone that makes this show so great! Can’t wait to see season 7!

  20. I am so ready for season 7! I can’t wait to see what the crew has done for us now. Come on release day!

  21. As millions of fans, I being one of the masses, I wait patiently for season 7. So much to look forward too while anticipation is hard, I read books over, and watch past seasons..Now reading book nine, “Go Tell the Bees I am Gone”. Beetter the second time arr

  22. I am absolutely over the moon excited this is one of tge best series ive watched in a llong long time just adore Jamie Fraiser love that Red hair and accent omg yup yup

  23. My all time favorite. I have watched several times. It’s my go to… So looking forward for the latest!!!!

  24. I have read Diana Gabaldon books of Outlander and I am so happy they a made a series and it did not disappointment I am a number one fan of the book in the series I love it all I hope it stays on for many many many many many many many many many many many many more years to come by. May the actors never get tired playing their characters.

  25. Outlander series is my favorite show!! I love all the cast…closeness of family, the love story. History of the Highlanders settling in NC mountains, and so much more. It broke my heart when Marta was shot!! I’m excited about Season 7 and looking forward to it starting!!!

  26. I love Outlanders it the best show ever. Please don’t change it and if you do please let me know what channel and where it will play on.

  27. Please continue the series. Possibly go into the lord john books. I can’t get enough. I watch over and over again. I have not been disappointed

  28. As an avid reader of the Outlander books I already know what’s coming next but must admit I can’t wait for season seven. It’s such an exciting show, I can’t get enough. At age 80 I’m addicted to the characters. Love, love, love Jamie and Claire. Everything about this show is fascinating. Thank you, Diana and all involved in this Star’s production.

  29. I can hardly wait. Season 6 was not good for me. It looked like Claire and Jamie became brother and sister. They are my favorite love affair. But good bad or indifferent I’ll be waiting for Season 7.

  30. I can’t wait until the next Season of Outlander, Season 6 was way to short. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  31. An amazing love story! The cast is great and the history and hardships shown are so real for both time periods! I love this story and, look forward to Season 7!!

  32. An amazing love story! The cast is great and the history and hardships shown are so real for both time periods! I love this story and, look forward to Season 7!!

  33. I’ve seen Outlander advertised on Starz but couldn’t watch because I do subscribe to Startz..than goodness it’s now on Netflix..I hope and pray I will be able to watch all seasons..I love it..

  34. I have watched every episode so xe the beginning..My sisters have recently decided to watch the show and they are doing catch-up .I tried for six years to them interested and Now They love it as I do! Thank you for a very powerful historical love saga

  35. Didn’t become interested in Outlander until just recently. Bingeing on the series for hours at a time has wrapped me tightly into each character and chapter. The story line & history align intricately, and I find myself Didn’t become interested in Outlander until just recently. Bingeing on the series for hours at a time has wrapped me tightly into each character and chapter. The story line & history align intricately, and I find myself routinely grabbing geographic maps and sources of historical relevance.. I find myself routinely grabbing geographic maps and sources of historical relevance. My own family history is uniquely intertwined throughout parts of this amazing story. I’m anxiously looking forward to all future episodes.

  36. I adore this series. It has everything. Love, romance, intrigue, fabulous actors, and especially Sam Heughan! He is adorable!

  37. I have been late to join the fans of Highlander,I just discovered the show last year on Netflix… but I am absolutely obsessed with it! I have watched seasons 1thru 5 at least 3 times and got to watch season 6 only once because there was a fire in my building,we got hit by lightning twice anyway I have had no internet or wi-fi or cable ever since. I am sooo looking forward to season 7 just like all their fans are… all I can say is that I had better have my internet back by then!!!

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