Outer Banks Season 3 Cast: Creators Reveal Three Shocking Additions!!

According to the recent announcements, the Outer Banks Season 3 cast would undergo a significant change. From the statement, we can be sure that Andy McQueen (Station Eleven), Lou Ferrigno Jr (Stargirl), and Fiona Palomo (Control Z) are joining the Outer Banks Season 3 cast. Let’s look at the Outer bank season 3 cast and what roles these actors will be playing for the show.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast Will Bring New Surprises!!

Outer Banks Season 3 is right around the corner, and fans eagerly await their favorite characters’ return. However, three new cast members will be joining the show for the upcoming season.

Andy McQueen, Lou Ferrigno Jr, and Fiona Palomo join the Outer Banks Season 3 cast. The cast of the Outer Banks Season 3 is already impressive, and these three actors will only add to the show’s appeal. With their addition, the Outer Banks Season 3 is shaping to be one of the most anticipated television events of the year.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast
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Many fans are excited to see how these new additions will change the show’s dynamic. One of the cast members, Chase Stokes, is already a fan favorite from his role in Stranger Things. It will be interesting to see how his character interacts with the others on the show.

What roles will the newly added Outer Banks Season 3 cast play?

McQueen will take on the role of Carlos Singh, an influential Caribbean Don. Palomo will play Sofia, a self-assured Pogue who always dreams of going Kook and forms an unlikely partnership with the show’s central character Rafe. 

Ferrigno will play Ryan, which is Singh’s intelligent and brave top security officer, whom we learn possesses an ambition that might eventually rival his boss’ passion for power.

Outer Banks season 3 is expected to pick up where season 2 left off, with the Pogue boys continuing their search for the lost treasure of the Royal Crown. Meanwhile, Kiara will be dealing with the aftermath of her father’s death, and John B. will be struggling to come to terms with his new life as a rich man. Expect plenty of twists and turns and some romantic entanglements as the Pogue boys try to keep one step ahead of the game.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast
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Carlacia Grant, who played Cleo in season 2 of Outer Banks, has been bumped up to a series regular for season 3. Following the split of Cline and Stokes last year, fans were worried about Cline’s return to the show. However, in a now-deleted Instagram story, Grant reassured fans that she would be back for as many seasons as they would have her. 

Grant’s comments should be a relief to fans of the show who were worried about the fate of their favorite characters. Despite the on- and off-screen drama, everyone seems committed to making Outer Banks the best performance it can be.

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Outer Banks Season 3 filming is currently underway in Charleston, SC, and earlier this month, creator Scott Stokes took to social media to plead with fans not to spoil scenes by posting spoilers online. Understandably, fans are eager to find out what happens next, but it’s essential to respect the hard work of the Outer Banks season 3 cast and crew by not spoiling the show for others.


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