One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoilers Reveals The True Big Baddie!! 

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We know you were desperately waiting for us. Why? Because we are right here to give you some One Punch Man Chapter 168 spoilers!

Let’s agree, One Punch Man has a massive fan following 

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoilers c
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This is a manga Japanese Superhero series created by One. It tells us the story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. Oh yes, the webcomic version was written in early 2009!

One Punch Man Chapter 168 spoilers hint at an incoming Catastrophe

Yes, this chapter was much awaited. Fans were going gaga for the same. Yes, it has wars between incredible heroes and monsters. As it was previously predicted that the Earth would be facing a bigger calamity, then what? After all, the events in One Punch Man Chapter 168 clearly reveal that the forewarned catastrophe is not the Hero Hunter! Yes, guys!

Did you know Garo may have a significant role in stopping this scary event too?

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoilers c
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Yes, as the chapter starts with him suffering the criminal charges, though it’s observed that he’s only seen answering the inquiries about the dine and dash infraction. Bang is supposedly the only partner for him. He didn’t even object. He literally takes being Garo’s

Guardian seriously, in fact in that process he was being selected as the second generation Silverfang! 

How Bang remind Garo that the former Hero Hunter should first defeat the master?

Yes, it’s the truth that Bang warned Garo of the difficult time the disciple had to go through, too. Yes, he went so curious to overcome it also. 

How were the people of the Hero Association in a dilemma?

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoilers c
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Yes, they were having double thoughts about Bang’s decision. Everyone knew if Garo’s identity is revealed then there would be tiff among the incredible superheroes.

And how can everyone forget how he attacked those superheroes during his shtick when he was a Hero Hunter? Although, people were well aware that his strength would be needed later! 

Who’ll realize the prophecy—is it the Gods?

Yes, as not much is disclosed about the unknown character, so let’s say it’s going to be the Gods, only. After all, they’re so strong and mighty. And yes, they have the superpower to destroy almost anything and everything they wish for! 

Finally, the third God grants powers to Garo in this Chapter

Yes, it’s the truth. The limit to which they can extend the power is unknown, though a few characters might oppose them! 


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