One Piece Theory: Dr. Vegapunk Is Actually This Character In Disguise

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One Piece is one of the most popular manga series these days and is loved by fans worldwide. While there are a bunch of characters in the show, one who has created a sense of mystery is Dr. Vegapunk. Several theories are floating around the corners about the character. So, today, we are here with an amazing One Piece theory. 

What is the mystery of Dr. Vegapunk’s Identity?

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The incredible fans of One Piece are trying to know the identity of one of the mysterious characters in the series, Dr. Vegapunk. He is the top scientist working for the World Government. He was mentioned several times in the series, but everything about Dr. Vegapunk is unknown; his face is also not revealed. 

But, some readers say that they have seen Dr. Vegapunk multiple times in the series, as the top level of World government officials is hiding him under the guise. 

The relation between MADS and Dr.Vegapunk

One Piece Theory
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A scientific research group with great and notable scientists, including questionable ethics: Vinsmoke Judge, Caesar Clown, and Queen. Talking about scientists, long ago, Vegapunk was also a part of MADS. When the marines attacked and disbanded the MADS to work for the World Government, Vegapunk was arrested, which helped them to build the world’s most dangerous and valuable technology of the organization. 

Some of these technologies were their latest upgraded version, the Seraphim, and the Pacifista. Perhaps in the whole of One Piece, Vegapunk’s technology was still roaming. No one was aware of his identity except some fans who understood this theory was possible. 

One Piece Theory: Fans’ Speculations

The fans and readers have made many exciting speculations. One of them is where it is speculated that Dr. Vegapunk is one of the Marine Admirals. He appeared first time in the series as Borsalino, aka Kizaru, during the  Sabaody Archipelago Arc. At this point, the Straw Hat Pirates had their worst defeat because of him.

Are Kizaru and Vegapunk the Same?

One Piece Theory
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Kizaru is one of the admirals, so he ranks among the top fighters in the whole World Government and Marine; he controls and transfers his body into light because of the powers of Pika Pika no Mi Devil fruit. Kizaru can travel at the speed of light and attack with lasers using his body. Also, some fans and readers said his powers might be connected with the Scientist Vegapunk. 

According to his powers, his brain may also operate at the speed of light, making him the most unrivaled genius, like Vegapunk. Also, when Kizaru controlled Sabaody, Sentimaru accompanied him. Sentimaru is another officer of the World Government who is the official bodyguard and commander of the Science unit. Sentomaru’s presence during Sabaody was explained by his need to test the latest models of Pacifista. However, it was quite odd that Kizaro called him this” subordinate,” isn’t it a little odd? Kizaru’s Devil Fruit powers are now in every model of Pacifista and even the advanced Seraphim.

Final Thoughts

The much-appreciated series One Piece is gaining fame and love with every upcoming episode and chapter! As it enters the beginning of its finale, the internet is all raving about it!!

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