One Piece New Episode Release Date!! Episode 1046 Is Coming After A Delay 

Since the premiere of the One-Piece anime in October 1999, Luffy’s tv adventures are entering their 24th year. Even though the legendary anime continues to air with no indications of slowing down, the series’ broadcast will be temporarily halted so that viewers can enjoy the holiday season. 

While the next episode of the anime, 1046, will air in the winter of 2023, we will be getting it then. 

So, what is the One Piece new episode release date? Let’s find out.

One Piece New Episode Release Date & Time

One Piece New Episode Release Date
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Episode 1046 of One Piece will air for the first time on Sunday, January 8, 2023, in Japan, while viewers in the United States have One-Piece new episode release date on Saturday, January 7, 2023. 

The One Piece anime will be on hiatus for two weeks over the holidays. On the 24th and 25th of December, the series will air a special episode titled “Recapping Fierce Fights! Straw Hats vs Tobi Roppo,” which will be a retrospective of the series’ prior episodes. 

The following are the local times at which One Piece episode 1046 will become available for online streaming via Crunchyroll.

  • Pacific Time – 6 PM
  • Eastern Time – 9 PM
  • British Time – 2 AM
  • European Time – 3 AM
  • India Time – 7:30 AM
  • Philippine Time – 10 AM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 12:30 PM

One Piece Episode 1046 Spoilers

One Piece New Episode Release Date
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The 1046 episode of the One-Piece anime will be a tense and exhilarating adventure. “A High-Stakes Battle!” is the title of this episode. Both Sides Hit the Field! In the following year’s episode of the anime, we’ll see the continuous action on the stage show floor continue.

At that location, we will see Zoro recover from the Minks’ medication and launch a joint offensive with Sanji against the monarchy. Fans will also see a battle between Hawkins and Killer, Big Mom versus the Law, and Kid. In addition, Momonosuke’s new dragon form first appears in episode 1046 of the One Piece anime series. 

Sanji and Queen are still fighting it out on the live floor, but Sanji is starting to feel the strain brought on by King’s unexpected entrance. Once. Peroline unexpectedly tries to kill Sanji while he’s in a high position, further complicating matters. When Nekomushi arrives on the scene, however, he prevents Peroline from getting there. Then he vows vengeance on Pedro for his defeat.

Where To Watch One Piece Episode 1046 Online? 

One Piece New Episode Release Date
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For Japanese viewers, One Piece Episode 1046 will also air on local Japanese networks at the times listed above. Episode 1046 of One Piece will air later on services like Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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