One Piece Luffy: 5 Times Luffy Nearly Died

Luffy’s shenanigans outside of fighting make it seem that he doesn’t care about his mortality, but each of his near-death encounters is crucial to the plot, propelling him ahead of revealing the depth of his character.

5 Times One Piece Luffy Almost Died In Dressarosa, During His Fight With Doflamingo

Luffy’s fight with Doflamingo is one of the first post-time-skip battles, allowing Luffy to demonstrate his improved powers as well as the new scale of foes he would face. Luffy’s powers aren’t adequate initially, and their battle nearly destroys the capital city.

One Piece Luffy
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One Piece Luffy | Marineford is fighting to save Ace

The way this conflict sets up many of the subsequent story arcs, introducing or expanding upon the expansive ensemble, is noteworthy.

 Sadly, Luffy is unable to prevent his brother’s execution. Luffy becomes catatonic after seeing Ace’s death, and he nearly dies at the same time. He is brought to safety to mourn thanks to the allies he gained along the way.

At Thriller Bark, He Lost His Shadow

A terrifying side consequence of this is that if a person without a shadow is exposed to sunlight, they will perish. 

Despite the fact that Thriller Bark is shrouded in fog, Luffy and the other Straw Hats are doomed throughout the arc. Meeting Brook, the music-loving character who joins the crew, is a key perk of this storyline.

One Piece Luffy

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He Fought Rob Lucci During His Fight

This squad uses a combination of devastating martial arts and Devil-Fruit abilities to nearly eliminate the Straw Hat Crew. 

While Luffy defeats Lucci, he would have died if Nico Robin and Usopp had not intervened. Luffy survives another day thanks to Usopp’s keen eye and Robin’s devil fruit talent.

Impel Down When He Was Poisoned

In an attempt to free his brother Ace, One Piece Luffy and his newfound allies break into the prison but instead find themselves captured. 

Luffy manages to score a crucial blow against Magellan, but only at the cost of getting deathly ill. Luffy might not have lasted a day if it hadn’t been for the life-saving medicine provided by prisoner Emporio Ivankov.

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