One Piece Episode 1035 Spoilers: Kiku’s Unexpected Dream & Kanjuro’s Final Act!!

It’s time for fans to go back to the Land of Wano now that One Piece episode 1035 has been released. So, here are some amazing One Piece episode 1035 spoilers. 

The Straw Hat Pirates and their allies had to battle harder than ever before because Luffy had been vanquished and Kaido was prepared to murder any remaining foes. 

However, Luffy’s companions were prepared to continue fighting to the last end, regardless of what happened to their captain. 

One Piece Episode 1035 Spoilers 

one piece episode 1035 spoilers
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One Piece Episode 1035’s plot remains unknown at the time because it is uncommon for an upcoming program’s plot to be released before the episode airs. 

Since the episode hasn’t yet been shown anywhere in the world, we’ll give you a review of the most recent episode to air so you’ll know what to anticipate going forward: 

The virus allows Hyogoro to restore his physical form and strength, and by employing this newfound vigour, he is able to take down several Oniwabanshu ninja as well as the samurai that support Kaido. 

After taking a respite, Luffy is currently engaged in combat with the others on the roof. 

In the great hall, Marco successfully disperses the King and Queen, but Perospero arrives and notices something is amiss. 

Hyogoro has reached his breaking point and begs his troops to shoot him before he goes wild, all the while Chopper summarizes the virus’s therapy and concentrates completely on himself.

What happened in the last episode?

one piece episode 1035 spoilers

Big Mom began One Piece episode 1034 by expressing to Zeus how much of a letdown he was. She asked Hera, her newest Homie, to consume the cloud right now. 

Nami made an effort to save the creature, but it was too late. Chopper made an effort to keep Queen and Perospero at a distance on the Live Floor. 

Kid attacked Big Mom at the end of the programme, proclaiming that he would be the one to beat her.

Kaido’s victory announcement

Bao Huang then used her Marys to make an announcement to everyone in the castle in One Piece episode 1035. The young lady declared that Kaido had triumphed in the fight between Yonko and Luffy in a voice that was sickeningly lovely. 

All around Onigashima, Luffy’s friends and allies reacted to the news in varying degrees of bewilderment, desperation, and fear. 

The Straw Hat Pirates disregarded the announcement and persisted in their conflict. The defeat of the Red Scabbards was also disclosed by Bao Huang.

The woman continued, saying Kaido would soon enter the fortress to defeat the remaining foes. The Emperor, however, made a pledge that anyone who gave up would be accepted as a member of the crew of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. 

Kanjuro, posing as Oden, was moving toward the chamber where Momonosuke and his staff were residing at the time.

one piece episode 1035 spoilers
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Where to watch One Piece Episode 1035?  

The only place to routinely watch One Piece is on Crunchyroll. 

Crunchyroll regularly airs the series, but you must view it in Japanese with English subtitles. 

Other streaming services also provide One Piece, but because they don’t update their episodes as frequently, you won’t be able to see the most recent ones. 

Please note that not all parts of the world can access Crunchyroll’s One Piece episodes.

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