One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers: Get Ready To Explore More About The Ancient Kingdom

A massive shift in dynamics occurred when Vegapunk revealed that Egghead is the island of the past. We had no idea the world was going through a regression! This has ignited the hype for One Piece chapter 1066 and the fans are craving to know what’s coming next. 

The good news is if you follow Sassyshows, you don’t have to wait long as in this article, we have covered some crazy One Piece chapter 1066 spoilers. 

One Piece Chapter 1066 Will Be The Gate To Exploration!! 

One Piece Chapter 1066 spoilers
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In One Piece chapter 1066, we hope to learn more about this technologically advanced Ancient Kingdom. Shoseki will keep an eye out for the latest One Piece volume. It has done exceptionally well in sales and continues to do so. 

One Piece Chapter 1066 is the next issue of the weekly shonen jump magazine without a break, and fans can expect more new and exciting plot twists.

One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers 

It appeared that the Vegapunk versions decided to put the Strawhats to the test. Yes, Shaka stated that they would not pick fights with a Yonko crew, but that did not stop the scientist from posing a practical challenge to the team. 

Zoro and Brook have remained behind as a precaution. These two will rush to their aid if the others get into trouble. They are approached by Caribou, who is terrified because they are on a government island. 

Zoro thanks him for assisting Luffy but dismisses his complaints. Caribou is enraged by this and may seek vengeance on the Straw Hats in One Piece chapter 1066 or ahead. 

The new chapter will provide a preview of how the world is changing from the perspective of the Straw Hat Pirates.

SSG DOFLAMINGO will attack Zoro and Brook on the other side. They are about to take precautionary measures. Vegapunk wants Zoro’s 1.111B bounty to supplement his funding. 

One Piece Chapter 1066 may also show Zoro destroying the SSG DOFLAMINGO in flame mode. 

A lion song appears when Zoro cuts him. Fans can also stay updated on Lucci, who may appear in his new guise as BLACK PANTHER. Lucci’s unique appearance will be black and covered in black lightning, similar to ADCOC. 

Chapter 1066 is worth the wait. The new chapter will also focus on Vegapunk’s interactions with the Seraphim.

One Piece Chapter 1066 spoilers
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One Piece Chapter 1066 Release Date & Time 

We know that Chapter 1066 of One Piece will be released on November 13, 2022, assuming no delays. 

The title of the chapter, as well as the number of pages, still needs to be discovered. 

The upcoming manga chapter’s official release date only applies to Japan, as the chapter will be released later in other markets.

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 1066 online?

One Piece Chapter 1066 spoilers
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The only place to read One Piece regularly is Viz Media’s official website, which has the most recent chapters in English. 

Viz Media is the official American publisher of One Piece, so the series is available regularly, but the chapters are released after the Japanese originals. 

A Viz Media subscription is beneficial because the chapters are updated regularly, but you also gain access to various other series.

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