One Piece Chapter 1064 TCB Scans: Bonney Turns Luffy Old!! Blackbeard Vs Heart Pirates Get To A Conclusion 

After One Piece Chapter 1063 created a buzz around Blackbeard and Law’s battle, the fans are holding their nerves to witness what happens next. Though the new chapter is a couple of days away, One Piece chapter 1064 tcb scans and spoilers have made the fans go crazy. 

Latest spoilers have ignited global discussions across the anime forums and the fans simply cannot stand the fact that the most mysterious One Piece character, Dr. Vegapunk is somehow related to the Revolutionary armies. 

So, what do the One Piece 1064 scans reveal about the upcoming chapter’s story? Read on as we have got everything covered!! 

One Piece Chapter 1064 TCB Scans 

One Piece Chapter 1064 tcb scans
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Did you see the cover page of One Piece chapter 1064, carefully? Yes, it reveals the official title as “Egghead’s Research Stratum,” but that’s not it. The cover wraps in an insane One Piece chapter 1064 spoiler. 

On the cover, Oda teases a piece of shocking information. He revealed that Aokoji Kuzan is surely a Blackbeard Pirate and Van Augur has just kidnapped Big Mom pirates’ Pudding. 

One Piece 1064 Scans 

The chapter kicks off with the terrible fight between the Blackbeard Pirates and Heart Pirates. Though the Blackbeard Pirates are incredibly powerful, Law seems to overpower them with his Haki and awakened devil fruit. 

One Piece Chapter 1064 tcb scans
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Law is playing the role of a true leader guiding the Heart Pirates in the battle. The Heart Pirates are trying hard to sink Blackbeard’s ship. Here comes the major shock when we find Pudding saying, “If Big Mom were alive, she would have screwed them.” 

While the battle gets intense and the Heart Pirates keep on dominating, Van Augur initially decides to retreat. However, the fire of pride pulls him back and he says they must keep on the fight as they are the Blackbeard Pirates. 

One Piece Chapter 1064 Raw Scans 

One Piece Chapter 1064 tcb scans
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Next the One Piece chapter 1064 tcb scans head to the Egghead. Here we find Bonney has transformed Luffy and Chopper into old individuals and Jinbei is a child now. 

This move has temporarily prevented Luffy and crew from Kuma’s Pacifista. However, Luffy makes it clear that there is no way to escape. They will have to fight. 

Here we get a sneak peek into Kuma’s past through Bonney and Jinbei. The latter says Kuma was previously a Tyranny in the Sobert Kingdom. However, he was ultimately thrown out of the kingdom. But Kuma did not give up, he stepped into the world of Pirates and joined hands with the revolutionary armies.

He was captured by the World Government and later he was set free on the condition that he will be an experiment for Dr. Vegapunk. Next Bonney clears it out that his father is a special race and the man who transformed him into a feeling-less robot will not be forgiven. 

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