One Piece Chapter 1063 Raw Scans Reveal Devastating Fight Between Blackbeard & Hearts Pirates!! 

We now thoroughly understand the events in One Piece Chapter 1063 as the raw scans and a detailed summary are out.

So, what do the One Piece Chapter 1063 raw scans reveal? 

One Piece’s concluding saga has begun. Our straw hats have already been split into two groups, one of which is already on the intended Island and the other which is traveling there. 

Even if the chapters arrive in two parts and continue to show events from the outside world, it appears like One Piece has not yet given much attention to the straw hats in this current arc. 

Before this, we observed that Vegapunk had its models, of which we saw two.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Raw Scans

one piece chapter 1063 raw scans
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“The only family I’ve got” is the title of One Piece Chapter 1063. 

One Piece Chapter 1063 raw scans start with Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney finishing the dinner they received from the food-making machine and feeling quite full. 

Atlas leaves the group during Vegapunk 05, stating that she needs to return to her job. Once they decide that the straw hats and Bonney are safe, many more robots and other things appear there. Luffy discovers a style that allows him to get new clothing. 

Everyone changes into futuristic attire, but Jinbei decides to wear a Hawaiian shirt. 

When Kuma’s Pacisfista sees them, Bonney claims she will collect some weapons and meet Vegapunk. However, Luffy observes the vehicle coming their way. 

The pacifist recognizes the thieves and rushes after them while directing a laser beam at them. 

When Luffy attempts to strike Pacifista to knock it over, Bonney intervenes, identifying Pacifista as her father and pleading with him not to be hurt. The Pacifista, however, keeps targeting them with its laser beam.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Spoiler

one piece chapter 1063 raw scans
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One Piece Chapter 1063 raw scans are setting shifts to the new world at sea, where Blackbeard pirates are pursuing Hearts pirates. 

Blackbeard intends to use the Road Poneglyphs on Trafalgar D. Water Law. With Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q, and Stronger by his side, he is ready to take on Law on the high seas. 

The three possess Akuma no Mi’s strength. 

All of the Hearts pirates begin changing into women after Law, who has changed into a woman. Law succeeds in making it to a neighboring island. He transformed back into his shape after escaping.

He said that Haki could defeat any demon fruit abilities. Doc Q comments that it is not surprising for a pirate with a 3 billion dollar bounty when he sees him in his true form, and we discover that he possesses a devil fruit power called Sick-Sick Fruit. 

Van Auger possesses a devil fruit ability known as Warp-Warp Fruit. Jesus Burgess is teleported to the Island using it by him. Later, though, he uses Buff-Buff Fruit, a richer devil fruit than Warp-Warp Fruit. He gains incredible strength from it, allowing him to assault the Heart Pirates by lifting a mountain.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Release Date 

one piece chapter 1063 raw scans

On October 16, 2022, One Piece Chapter 1063 will formally be released. The websites and applications of Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus offer free online access to the manga chapters. 

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