One Piece Chapter 1062 Teaser: New Leaks Tease A Void Century Mystery!! 

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Till the time, the illustrator and author of One Piece, a smash-hit series, is going to be on a break for this week, the first One Piece chapter 1062 teaser is out in the form of the notes of the editor. 

Even the editor’s letters do not give us the perfect bare of what will happen in the subsequent chapters; they are typically good indicators of what an arc will or will not do. 

One Piece Chapter 1062 Teaser: Release Of Editor’s Note 

One Piece Chapter 1062 Teaser
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They are keeping this thought in mind that the newly released editor’s note for chapter 1062 of One Piece has clamored fans for this series to return to regular serialization. While the fans will not be able to see this One Piece chapter 1062 teaser ultimately materialize in the upcoming chapter, they can surely expect the story to begin addressing a specific blank spot in the One Piece history. 

Follow on more on this article so you can know more about One Piece chapter 1062 teaser and why it, combined with the previous comments of Oda. 

What Do Editor’s Note Tell Us?

While chapter 1062 of One Piece introduces the character Vegapunk and their island, fans may expect the issues shortly after to begin addressing the Void Century. 

The latest note from the editor teases very clearly that it is referencing this enigmatic epoch; fans expect this series; upcoming issues in terms of their information and lore to become very illuminating. 

Discussion About Is It A Void Century Tease?

One Piece Chapter 1062 Teaser
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Many fans agree that this will be a Void Century tease; others who are not deciding have proposed different explanations. The fans who are not agreeing with this are pointing out why this tease is not about Void Century, and this tease is discussing the Reverie, especially considering the recent meet-up crew and Jewelry Bonney. 

What & How Do We Know About The Void Century? 

One Piece Chapter 1062 Teaser

There is also a fact that the modern world knows nothing about the Void Century as it is supposed to be a mysterious era. 

This fact is further also suggested by the Rio Poneglyphs, who is going to tell the history of the Void Century. 

Keeping this in mind, along with the fact that the World Government needs Nico Robin because he can read the Ponegylphs, a reasonable argument is already made against the claim, which is undoubtedly made. 

Final Thoughts

This chapter of One Piece will be an exciting part of the series; it’s pretty clear with the recent One Piece chapter 1062 teaser; they are so unique and have created hype. We like this series very much, do you also like it?

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