One Piece Chapter 1062 Release Date, Spoilers, Where To Read & Everything We Know So Far!! 

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After the bombastic chapter 1061, the fans are literally counting the days for the release of One Piece chapter 1062. So, let us know more about the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1062 and see when it’s coming!! 

Recap Of What Happened Previously!! 

One Piece Chapter 1062
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In the last chapter, a storm comes out at sea that our heroes have to encounter. The famous doctor Vegapunk was also introduced to the heroes. 

One Piece chapter 1062 will continue the adventure of Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead island. Jinbe, Chopper, Luffy, and Bonney are lost, and the crew is trying to find them. Follow the article to know more about the release. 

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Egghead island, they were separated. Bonney, Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe have to find a way to meet with their friends again before the unknown dangers of this land cause harm to them. 

The leftover crew, together, is not having a good time, as a gigantic shark robot attacks them, and they are only to be saved by their enemy Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1062 – The Plot

In One Piece chapter 1062, the adventure of Straw Hat Pirates will be continued. One Piece chapter 1062 will be released for the enjoyment of fans. 

For a new arc to commence, heroes are preparing, as per the observations, as they arrive at a new island. 

The introduction of a new character is happening, while others have already made their triumphant return to manga. 

One Piece Chapter 1062 Release Date and Time

One Piece Chapter 1062
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On Tuesday, October 11, One Piece chapter 1062 is scheduled to release officially around 1 am JST. 

All around the world, One Piece chapter 1062 will be available simultaneously, so there will be no wait to read it when it comes out, and fans can easily read One Piece chapter 1062. 

Downwards you can find a table that comprises the time when the chapter will be released, see according to your time zone. 

  • Australian Central Daylight Time – 00:30 pm, October 11
  • Central European Summer time– 5 pm, October 10
  • Central Daylight time – 10 am, October 10
  • Philippine time – 11 pm, October 10
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 11 am, October 10
  • British Summertime – 4 pm, October 10
  • Pacific Daylight Time – 8 am, October 10
  • Indian Standard time – 8:30 pm, October 10

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1062?

One Piece Chapter 1062
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The series fans who are excited to read One Piece chapter 1062 when it releases, we recommend you to download Viz Media Manga plus website and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app. 

These are the only series’ official platforms, and we hardly propose that the series’ fans use these platforms, as you are doing this and also support the official release of One Piece chapter 1062. 

If you want to read the previous chapters and cannot find where to read them, they are on Shonen Jump+, all for a small fee. 

Wrapping Up

So fans, you know if you are in a hurry to read One Piece Chapter 1062 as soon as it releases, then jump onto Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app and Viz Media’s Manga Plus website. 

Thus, these are the only official platforms for the series, so we strongly encourage the fans to use them only. So fans, are you as excited as we are for the release of One Piece Chapter 1062. 

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