One Piece Chapter 1062 Leaks: Will Bonney Meet Dr. Vegapunk?

The forthcoming One Piece chapter 1062 leak was released on Twitter a few hours ago. The promo featured a picture of a prepared Luffy with the text, “The Straw Hats are surprised.” 

The preview contained only a short portion of the story for this new chapter, but it was enough to excite readers. So, here are all the One Piece chapter 1062 leaks we have in our bucket. 

One Piece chapter 1062’s preview suggests that Luffy & his buddies might discover more about the universe

One Piece Chapter 1062 Leaks
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The Straw Hat Pirates were stranded on the uncharted island of Egghead in the previous chapter. The brilliant yet elusive doctor Vegapunk has lived here.

Fans have pleaded with Oda for years to explain who and why this mysterious character is. It appears that One Piece chapter 1062 will start to tell the mysterious figure’s story.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Leaks 

We have some hints and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1062 for you today, but the raw scans and summaries won’t be available until between Tuesday, October 4, and Thursday, October 6 (at the earliest). 

For today, we’ve offered a list of some hints from the leakers:

  • According to the editor’s note for Chapter 1062, Luffy and his crew are astonished. When that happened, the globe was thrown.
  • The daughter of Bartolomeo Kuma is Jewelery Bonney.
  • Although VegaPunk has always been portrayed as a man, he most likely belongs to the moon pirate race or a closely related species. Because of the intellect of his people and the fact that he is older than the average person, he is seen as being 500 years ahead of us! Therefore, it’s plausible that the female in Chapter 1061 towards the end is a ruse or something. Update: Few people are familiar with VegaPunk because he has multiple copies of his body.
  • The relationship between Franky and Vegapunk would be the main focus.
  • Dandan has always been and will always be the mother of Luffy, Sabo, and Ace!
  • Although some people won’t enjoy the chapter, most of the fanbase will!
  • There won’t be a break next week. One leaker gave it an 8/10, while DrumzTC gave it a 9.
One Piece Chapter 1062 Leaks
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One Piece Chapter 1062 Date & Time 

The release of One Piece Chapter 1062 is planned for Monday, October 10, 2022, at noon JST. 

Every Sunday, Shueisha publishes a new chapter of One Piece in its weekly manga publication, Weekly Shonen Leap. Below is a list of a handful of them that we’ve compiled. 

The date and time of this manga will vary from country to country due to the vastly varying worldwide time zones:

  • 9 a.m. on Sunday, Pacific Time.
  • 11 a.m. Central Time on Sunday.
  • Midday on Sunday in Japan
  • British time, on Sunday at 5 p.m.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1062 First?

One Piece Chapter 1062 Leaks
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One Piece Chapter 1062 is available for free and with permission on a lot of websites, including Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus Platforms.

Final thoughts

Sadly, the plot reveals for One Piece chapter 1062 are still a long way off. Leakers have decided to hold off on releasing spoilers for the upcoming chapter for a few more days, as there won’t be a new chapter posted this weekend. 

Nevertheless, anticipation for what might occur in this future episode is high among fans.

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