One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers Reveal Big Shocks About Dr. Vegapunk

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Last Tuesday, the One Piece Chapter 1061 spoilers popped out and created an immense buzz on social media. 

In these spoilers, we learned about many things, like the introduction of the most mysterious character Dr. Vegapunk. 

He is the head of the science group and has worked with the World Government. Many fans are expecting many big things in his presence. 

Alignments With The Marines & The World Government

One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoiler
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For now, the fans do not know their intentions, objectives, or alignments with their affiliation with the Marines and the World Government. A minor One Piece Chapter 1061 spoiler might have mentioned their true allegiances. 

This article fully lets you know why the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1061 prove that Dr. Vegapunk is a member of SWORD. 

All About Dr. Vegapunk!!

One Piece Chapter 1061 spoilers started by emphasizing that at Egg Head Island, Straw Hats have appeared. 

The future island of Vegapunk. After this, spoilers provoke the Marines’ base presence nearby, where some members of SWORD and the children of Vegapunk Hazard, Taishigi, are present, including Helmeppo. 

Vegapunk & SWORD

One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoiler
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Some fans believe that there is a slight hint given by Oda to us that Vegapunk can be involved in the SWORD group. Some confirmed members of this organization are X Drake, Helmeppo, and Coby.

Fans have seen that Vegapunk has introduced himself to Luffy in a pleasant manner. 

So there are some possibilities that she needs to confederate with the Straw Hats pirates or their goals and ideals; it is undoubtedly a decent reception than the Marine Personnel have. 

One Piece Chapter 1061 spoilers give more hints

One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoiler
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When we go further, it will be explained why Vegapunk consented to the last request of Kuma as a human to guard the Straw Hats Pirate Ship, the Thousand Sunny, until they retreated from the adventures of time-skip. 

Despite the mechanical body of Kuma suffering from a lot of maintenance and inscribed safekeeping, Vegapunk accepted his request, which pessimistically made it the most incredible creation at the time. 

Another essential hint from the chapter that proves that Vegapunk is a member of SWORD is the expressed desire of Helmeppo to ask or borrow her Seraphim Pacifista to extricate Koby. 

While the Marines’ respected member is Helmeppo, to ask for such power or borrow such power from the military seems unlikely for him. 

However, this is not confirmed because One Piece Chapter 1061 has not been officially released. 

This results in fans not knowing the goals of Vegapunk, his intentions, and allegiances with any certainty; we have to wait till she reveals them herself in the future.

Final Thoughts

And we are super excited to know more about One Piece Chapter 1061 and Dr. Vegapunk! Are you excited too?? Follow us for more such updates!

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