One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans:  What Exactly Was Luffy’s Dream?

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Oh, how can we not say what an incredible chapter it went! Chapter 1060 of One Piece was remarkable, and fans are taken back by the boosting quality of the chapters after the end of Wano. 

Again, the events in this chapter have hyped us, and we are very much delighted to know what happens next in One Piece Chapter 1061. 

So here we are to share with you all we know about One Piece Chapter 1061 raw scans and we shall tap a few more facets of One Piece.

What does One Piece have more for us?

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans
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Not to forget, Volume 104 of One Piece will be coming out soon, and we are very excited about it. The series will also get the Jump Festa Super stage.

Jewelry Bonny’s appearance occurred at the beginning of the series, the glutton supernova indications towards the inception of a new arc. The outside world’s news will soon simmer down, and we will focus back on the Straw Hats Pirates and their new excursion. 

One Piece Chapter 1061 & Luffy’s Dream

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans

The internet is raving about the upcoming chapter, so here we are to discuss One Piece Chapter 1061 raw scans and plots. 

Chapter 1061 of One Piece will be exciting since we will work with the transitions. Fans want to know what happened to Sabo and what Luffy’s dream is. 

Many mysteries are formed, and Oda is consuming his precious time revealing all of the mysteries to our fans. We may have to wait for years to know about Luffy’s dream. 

Two chapters of One Piece have come out in a row. And now, the third one will be coming next week. After the third chapter, Oda has scheduled a break which he desperately needs.  

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans in English

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans
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Official One Piece Chapter 1061 raw scans will be out on the 25th of September, 2022; the scans will be in English. They will be available on viz, manga plus websites, and the Shonen Jump app. 

Since they are free to use, we recommend you install these resources from the play store/App store and use these resources.

Wrapping Up

We are so excited to see where the story heads and what are the new plans for Straw Hats. Things will surely be exciting now. So state tuned with us for more!!

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