One Piece chapter 1058 Leaks: Gear 5 Luffy Is Here!! 

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As the new chapter 1058 is all set to release, the fans are eager to get their hands on all the possible and reliable leaks and spoilers!!

Since the week began, the internet has been filled with sources – some reliable, some new – sharing One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks and spoilers. 

Earlier this week, we shared with you the major two spoilers shared by reliable sources on the internet that made the fans go crazy!! We are here today to share a few more One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks with you!! Hold on to your hearts, and here we go for our One Piece Fanclub!!!

One Piece Chapter 1058 – A Rave on the Internet

One Piece chapter 1058 Leaks
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As the Land of Wano Arc adventures has finally ended, it is an absolute delight to feel the excitement amongst the fans worldwide. Chapter 1058 is assumed to be a beginning of a new adventure which thus makes the hype for Chapter 1058 palpable amongst the fans!!

One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks – Internet Sources 

One Piece chapter 1058 Leaks
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According to shared sources and information from the internet, One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks comprise an enormous bounty of 3,590,000,000 berries on Mihawk. 

This shows he is 5,90,000,000 worth more than Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, and monkey D. Luffy. I hope you remember the fans that defeated Kaido and Big Mom recently!!

These One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks raise an interesting question as Mihawk controls not many territories and doesn’t have many allies beyond Cross Guild, so his bounty should be based solely on his strength. It was his combat skills that carried him in the New York World. 

Gear 5 Luffy in the New Arc – Seriously!!!

One Piece chapter 1058 Leaks
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Just a few hours ago, a preview of the upcoming chapter had been making a rave on Twitter!! 

Yes, fans, as per the recent One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks shared by reliable resources, the preview caught the attention of the fans as there appeared a gigantic Gear 5 Luffy. Thus the fans are excited about knowing how the new adventure would have Gear 5 Luffy playing its character!

Wrap Up

As not much information is available on the internet about One Piece Chapter 1058, the end of Chapter 1057 clarifies to its fans that the Land of Wano Arc has now ended. Thus the new chapter is all set for new stories, making the fans gaga about One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks and releases. 

These new One Piece Chapter 1058 leaks did nothing but ignite the flames of excitement amongst the fans as the final saga of One Piece will soon be commencing with chapter 1058!

Stay with us for more exciting updates!!

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