One Piece Chapter 1058 Leaked – Everything Is Twisted Now!! 

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What’s One Piece all about?

One Piece Chapter 1058 Leaked
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One Piece may is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It’s been serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997, with its chapters compiled into 103 tankobon volumes as of August 2022.

Will One Piece ever end?

One Piece’s author confirmed his goal to finish the series in a recent interview with Gosho Aoyama. Recently, Eiichiro Oda sat down for an interview with Gosho Aoyama, the author of the Detective Conan Manga Series!

The madness for One Piece Chapter 1058 is too much!! 

One Piece Chapter 1058 Leaked
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It’s almost palpable amongst the fandom. After years and years of thrilling adventures, the land of Wano Arc has ended; the fans are going gaga about what will happen next. 

One Piece Chapter 1058 leaked reveals Zoro and Mihawk’s Bounties

One Piece is returning after much waiting and hype with its 1058 chapter; how we remember in the previous Luffy leaving Wanokuni with the rest of the Straw hat pieces crew. 

We will not forget how Yamato decided to stay on the island, and Kaido’s daughter wished to explore the Wano country, too. That was something impeccable! 

One Piece Chapter 1058 isn’t far from its release date

One Piece Chapter 1058 Leaked

We are awed by the response we see on Twitter for the identical. How authors tricked fans into believing something we didn’t know existed! 

One Piece Chapter 1058 community is shocked to work out Mihawk joining Buggy’s crew

Now, fans think that Mihawk could be a “fraud.” The chapter has confirmed that Mihawk features a bounty of 3.59 Billion Berries on his head. 

Did you recognize Mihawk was once called a “Marine Hunter,” too? Some fans even questioned on Twitter that Mihawk’s bounties should be solely supported by his strength. And yes, he’s seen going after the Marines. 

One Piece Chapter 1058 leaked also reveals Mihawk could beat up Vice Admirals

Even after everything Luffy did, Mihawk still has a slightly higher bounty than him. He’s indeed the mightiest Warlord within the series! 


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