One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers: Get Ready For The Ultimate Shock!! 

With One Piece Chapter 1052 turning the world of the fans, they are now clamoring for One Piece Chapter 1053 spoilers. So, Sassyshows is here with the latest updates. 

One Piece is one of the most-watched comics developed by the Japanese Eiichiro Oda. The discussion about this will go on here. Here we will discuss the one-piece chapter 1053 spoilers. 

The defeat of BM and Kaido has already ignited the spark for the fight for the throne of Yonko.  A new alliance will emerge in the upcoming chapters. So, what’s coming next? Here is all we know. 

One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers: The emergence of the new emperors

One Piece Chapter 1053 spoilers contain the vital piece of information about the new leadership which is going to take place. 

As stated by Apoo, the newspaper has already mentioned the names of the new yonkos after the fall of the old ones. Luffy, Kid, and Law are the top candidates among the others.

Rundown for Nico Robin:

The war has cleared one thing: the greatest enemy of WG is Nico Robin. Her actions have already proved the same.  The potential of her to reveal the history of the Void Century and Poneglyphs is already beyond anyone else. 

One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers

This already proves her to be lethal and vicious. Putting her behind bars has already become the sole purpose of WG. Greenbull’s approach to Wano is considered the first step in this approach. All are set to be revealed in the One Piece chapter 1053 spoilers. The crowd is already going crazy for the same.

Nico Robin Chastise:

The process of reprimanding Nico Robin has already started. The World Government is already helping Wano by delivering their ships to him. 

Mamo is considered to play a vital role in crossing the border. With his help, the Government will be successful in attacking the country with its armed forces. 

One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers

A conversation between the Gorosie and CP0 agents happens where Gorosie suggests that the Nico Robin should be brought back by him. The whole scene was intercepted by the Den Mushi, which brings the entire focus back to Wano. 

This has already lit the curiosity among the Horde. Their expectations with One Piece have already skyrocketed. All are excited to know what will happen in the upcoming episode 1053. 


One piece is the one comic series that has never failed to amaze the people.  

Even the Reddit team management is eagerly waiting for the news from the One Piece team. The wave of uproar is heard among the crowd after finding that the new chapter is all set to be released on 17th June, 2022.

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