One Piece Chapter 1046 Release Date, Spoilers & More – Here Is All We Know 

One Piece has turned out to be one of the flagship manga series, entertaining the readers. So, after a spectacular chapter 1045, the fans are craving to know about One Piece chapter 1046. When is the new chapter coming out? Here is everything we know. 

One Piece Chapter 1046
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With the unwrapping of chapter 1045, it’s pretty clear that every chapter is not about fights and action, the manga also includes insane humor and laughter. It seems Luffy is enjoying the best time of his life. But how will this go ultimately? What is going to happen in One Piece Chapter 1046? Here are the fresh spoilers. 

One Piece Chapter 1046 Release Date 

One Piece Chapter 1046
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The new chapter of One Piece is going to be fun for the readers. Chapter 1046 will be dropping on April 8, 2022. So, make sure to read it on April 8. 

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One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers Reddit 

It’s been a long time since Luffy vs Kaido has been going on. However, as of now, we don’t have a clear winner. We have seen several villains overpowering Luffy. However, this time it seems Luffy is pulling things to the next level. 

On the other hand, Kaido too will not give up. He is ready to squeeze out every drop of his power in order to defeat Luffy. So, what will be the result of this fight? 

As of now, we don’t have many One Piece chapter 1046 spoilers. However, we will be updating you once the officials reveal any leaks. 

One Piece Chapter 1046
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Read One Piece Manga Online 

You may be wondering about how to read One Piece manga online? Well, the official manga is available on popular platforms like Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump. So, you can tune into these online platforms to read the manga. 

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