One piece Ch 1065 Spoilers: Vegapunk’s New Variants Are Overpowered!! 

Fans will meet the final three Vegapunks: Edison, Pythagoras, and York, who will be revealed in One Piece Ch 1065.

The latest One Piece ch 1065 spoilers also reveal frightening information about the Straw Hat Pirates, along with new information about the Ancient Kingdom.

Beginning the next chapter, Zoro and Brook are on the Thousand Sunny discussing who will save the other characters when they are apprehended. Zoro acknowledges Caribou’s assistance in rescuing Luffy and later requests that he depart the ship and Egghead Island altogether.

One Piece Ch 1065 Spoilers: A New Seraphim & Old Friends

One Piece Chapter 1065 spoilers

On Tuesday, November 1, One Piece ch 1065 spoilers were made available, giving readers a complete image of what is in store for them in the future issue.

The spoilers mostly confirm what earlier leaks had said, along with further clarification on particular incidents and discussions. 

Zoro and Brook are on the Thousand Sunny at the start of One Piece chapter 1065, discussing who will save the others from this World Government island if they are discovered. 

One Piece Chapter 1065 spoilers
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Caribou appears out of nowhere, but Zoro calmly acknowledges and thanks him for aiding Luffy before ordering him to disembark from their ship at Egghead, which he initially resists but eventually complies with. 

The Straw Hats investigate various innovations in the laboratory while Franky learns that the island is powered by fire. Shaka discusses the possibility of an “unquenchable flame” and how, should it exist, it might enable him to create a sun. Franky screams out to Lilith after suddenly realizing she crossed a nearby wall. 

Shaka instructs him to pass through and not let his appearance deceive him. Then Vegapunk Edison is revealed, welcoming them, and teaching them to walk through the wall as the various Straw Hats attempt to do so and express their wonder.

One Piece Chapter 1065 spoilers Twitter: Ancient revelations

One Piece Chapter 1065 spoilers
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Shaka then intervenes in the ongoing battle between the Straw Hats and Seraphim that has been going on since the beginning of One Piece ch1065 spoilers. 

While Pythagoras, Lilith, and Edison are disappointed that the fight has ended, the former says he has a fresh idea. Shaka then turns to face his visitors and inquires as to if they are, in fact, the Straw Hat Pirates. 

When Sanji questions why his shoes are stuck to the floor, Vegapunk responds that he controls the magnets inside the DOM shoes in his testing facility. Sanji then confirms this. Robin notes that, in essence, this means that resistance is pointless, and Vegapunk responds that he couldn’t take any chances by placing his trust in pirates so lightly. 

Usopp and Shaka do a brief comic skit here before Shaka asks them if they perceive this island as having a “future.” Franky asserts that it must be in the future while pointing out the monster mechas. He also mentions Vegaforce 1 and Island Air Conditioning to bolster his case.

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