One Piece 1067 Spoilers Twitter: Vegapunk’s Brain Was Not So Big!! 

On Wednesday, November 16, One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter popped out, adding some unexpected clarifications and developments to earlier teasers.

While the initial spoilers gave readers a solid indication of what to expect, the complete summary spoilers had the added advantage of providing transcripts of every dialogue exchange. 

One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter imply that Monkey D. Dragon’s Revolutionary Army will move quickly. This may even be related to the talk Vegapunk Shaka had with Dragon earlier in the story’s arc and to the genuine Dr. Vegapunk’s request that Luffy take him out of Egghead Island. 

One Piece chapter 1067 spoilers have just surfaced online, hinting at an explanation for how Vegapunk’s brain grew so large as a youngster. 

After last week’s chapter gave us a touching scene involving Nico Robin and the fundamentals of Vegapunk’s backstory, this week’s chapter is slated to delve even more deeply into this enigmatic character’s past, mainly the reason behind why he has such a large head.

One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers Twitter

One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter
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Bonney asks Vegapunk what happened to his head and remarks that it should be more extensive, like a lightbulb, as One Piece 1067 spoilers open. 

Bonney asks if he can do it, like cutting his hair, to which the scientist replies that he chopped it. The scientist continues by saying that his brain contains an “infinite databank” and that he was born a genius. 

Vegapunk continues by saying that it’s grown into the world’s giant brain and continues to grow. Luffy remarks that he observes absolutely no change. 

Chopper remarks that it is fantastic and queries the scientist about his strength. When Vegapunk verifies this, Luffy inquires whether he has turned foolish due to having his head hacked off and a portion of his brain removed. 

The apple on Vegapunk’s head is an antenna; he warns Luffy, so don’t underestimate him. He gestures to the upper portion of Egghead Island, describing it as Punk Records and a hangar for his brain. 

One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter
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It is then explained that the 900-year-old robot that the Straw Hats discovered once climbed the Red Line and attacked Mary Geoise but ran out of fuel and was quickly captured. 

The ancient robot was created during the “100 years of emptiness,” it is said. Although Vega Force 1 was designed to mimic the robot, he could never determine how it was fueled. 

Then, when Bonney attempts to attack Vegapunk with her lightsaber, the bugs—which Bonney fears—draw near, causing them to feint. When CP0 arrives at Egghead, Vegapunk Shaka forbids them entry, telling them to leave Seraphim and directing the other Vegapunks to get ready for the fight. 

Cut to Momoiro Island, where Dragon and Ivankov are pleading with Kuma to turn around as he stands up on stage and begins running from the Kingdom of Kamabakka. 

The leaked One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter also revealed that the manga series’ usual weekly release schedule will be interrupted the following week.

One Piece Chapter 1067 Release Date & Time 

One Piece 1067 spoilers Twitter
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One Piece Chapter 1067 is scheduled to debut on November 21, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. 

However, there may be a one-day delay. A new chapter of One Piece is released every Sunday in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Leap magazine.

  • Pacific Time – 7 PM
  • Eastern Time – 10 PM
  • British Time – 3 AM
  • European Time – 4 AM
  • India Time – 8:30 AM
  • Philippine Time – 11 AM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 1:30 PM

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