One Piece 1050 Spoilers Out!! Will Luffy Really Lose An Eye?

What will happen in the new chapter of One Piece? If this question is bothering you, here are some latest One Piece 1050 spoilers. 

Which is the anime that debuted in 1999 and is still ruling the hearts of the fans? We’ll tell you which anime it was if you don’t recall. One Piece is the title of the anime. While the anime has entertained the fans for years, the manga is now unwrapping new chapters. 

Even though One Piece Chapter 1050 has yet to be released, people have already begun to speculate about Luffy’s present condition. Luffy eventually struck Kaido with his Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun in the last chapter. 

The colossal dragon looked to have been defeated by the attack. But what will happen next? Readers won’t find out until Chapter 1050 of One Piece is out. 

Meanwhile, they had picked up on something peculiar about Luffy’s look. Several times throughout the comic, Luffy closes his left eye. Although it may not be relevant in the long term, thinkers have concluded. So, today, Sassyshows is here with some amazing One Piece 1050 spoilers that will blow your mind. 

One Piece 1050 Spoilers: Will Luffy lose an eye?

One Piece 1050 spoilers
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This circumstance will necessitate the explanation of context. Many fans are scared that by One Piece Chapter 1050, Luffy will be blind. I will explain the eye patch concept in this post and why so many readers feel now is the moment to use them.

Many readers thought the lack of eye patches throughout the series was unusual. Oda also doesn’t shy away from clichéd representations, as the Blackbeard Pirates character designs demonstrate. Because he will indeed appear in the closing moments, Luffy is usually the top candidate for this position. Consequently, readers are excited to find out what occurs in Chapter 1050 of One Piece. 

One Piece 1050 spoilers
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Manga teasers are a hot issue in the community; many people adore them, while others hate them. However, in the weeks leading up to the release of the new chapter, leaked spoilers may become a worldwide trend on social media platforms as fans examine every Piece of information they can gather.

Unfortunately, the One Piece fandom looks to have been attacked by phony spoilers once more while the manga show pauses before chapter 1050 is released abroad.

Fake One Piece 1050 Spoilers Twitter Went Viral!! 

One Piece 1050 spoilers
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One Piece manga fans worldwide have been hunting for the newest One Piece 1050 spoilers. Unfortunately, the next chapter has been delayed in Japan and will not be released this weekend, May 22nd, as many fans had hoped — which is why there are no credible spoilers from any of the traditional sources.

That hasn’t stopped specific sources and community members from wreaking havoc by sharing bogus One Piece 1050 spoilers.

This time, Reddit and YouTube have been the primary offenders, with several bogus postings appearing on both platforms. The moderators on r/OnePiece have been busy erasing as many postings as possible, but they’re sometimes too late because the phony spoilers have already been disseminated across other pages and platforms. 

Several sites also appear to have cited a specific YouTube video as a source for the alleged “leaked spoilers” for One Piece chapter 1050. The issue is that followers haven’t read the caption or explanation, which states “JUST A MEME” and “Please Read the summary before abusing.”

The first actual One Piece 1050 spoilers are likely to surface online on Wednesday, May 25th. 

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