New Yellowstone Prequel Will Change Everything!! Will It Follow 1883? 

Taylor Sheridan is coming back with one more bombastic Yellowstone prequel series. Here is everything we know about Yellowstone 1932.

Currently, when it comes to the top western drama series, one name that strikes the mind of every cinemaholic is Yellowstone. It has turned out to be one of the most popular series over the last few months. 

So, with the immense success of the main series, it now looks like the creators are rapidly expanding the Yellowstone universe to deliver something grander to the audience. Recently, 1883, a Yellowstone prequel series broke the Internet with its incredible story and insane characters. While the success of the 1883 series left the fans craving for a new season, Taylor Sheridan is planning something different. 

As per the official announcements, a new Yellowstone prequel is in the works and it will follow the 1883 series. So, here is everything we know about the upcoming Yellowstone prequel series. 

Everything You Need To Know About The New Yellowstone Prequel 

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A new Yellowstone prequel series, 1932 is in the works. While the last prequel 1883 dealt with the origin of the Dutton family and how they stepped into Montana, the upcoming prequel will explore the rich history of the Duttons. 

While the fans were curious to see Elsa Dutton, the main protagonist of Yellowstone 1883, back on screen, the creators have different plans. Though most of the updates about the new Yellowstone prequel are under the wraps, Sassyshows has squeezed out some latest details from trusted sources. 

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As per the leaks, some characters from 1883 are going to step into the plot of 1932. Ya, there will be the fan-favorite characters from 1883, but they will be much older obeying the laws of time. 

The new Yellowstone prequel 1932 will come up with a massive time jump after 1883, but it will be super cool to witness the old characters pop out once again. 

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Yellowstone New Prequel, 1932 Release Date 

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Sadly as of now, we don’t have any release date for the 1932 series. However, as per the hints passed by the creators, Yellowstone season 5 and the other series coming from its universe will debut sooner than expected. So, we can speculate a release in early or mid-2023. Fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best. 

Are you excited about the new Yellowstone prequel? Tell us in the comment box. Also, stay tuned to get all the latest updates on the upcoming Yellowstone series. 

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