Creators Confirmed New Vampire Diaries Spinoff About This Character!! 

The Vampire Diaries has been a hugely popular show on the CW Network. The show has been known for changing the lives of its lead stars, and now the creators are speaking about the possibility of a new Vampire Diaries spinoff. 

So, here is everything we know about the new Vampire Diaries spinoff!! 

New Vampire Diaries Spinoff Sneak Peek

New Vampire Diaries Spinoff

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were shocked when the creator confirmed the cancellation of Legacies. In a letter shared by Dries D’Souza, he confirms another spinoff. The Vampire Diaries has a long history, and this isn’t just the case in our world. Legacies followed the Originals, but the last show was canceled abruptly, not before they made both Alaric, who we may have seen while posing as Matt Donovan, and Hope Mikaelson.

There is no denying that the Vampire Diaries franchise has been an enormous success. So it’s no surprise that fans are already speculating about a possible spinoff. 

Julie Plec, the show’s executive producer, has said that she is open to the idea of a new Vampire Diaries spinoff. “It could be sympathetic to that too,” she informed Cinema Magazine. “I think it would be a lot of fun.” 

New Vampire Diaries Spinoff
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Plec also said that she had discussed the possibility with L.J. Smith, the author of the Vampire Diaries books. “We’ve had conversations,” she said. “I suppose this would be a tricky topic to uncover.” Plec looks to be considering a Vampire Academy replacement. Only time will tell if this will become a truth.

Why did Julie Plec cancel The Legacies? 

New Vampire Diaries Spinoff
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There are many reasons why Julie Plec decided to cancel Legacies. First and foremost, the show simply wasn’t doing well in the ratings. It averaged around 1.3 million viewers per episode, which is far below what The CW typically expects from its shows. 

Additionally, the critical reception for Legacies was relatively poor. Many reviewers felt that the show was a pale imitation of The Vampire Diaries and didn’t have enough originality to stand on its own. 


It’s a sad day for the cast, crew, and fans of The Vampire Diaries. It’s official: The CW has canceled the series after a final, 16-episode season. 

However, while we’re still in mourning, we can take comfort that this isn’t the end of the franchise. TVD’s creator Julie Plec has confirmed that she’s working on a new Vampire Diaries spinoff. 

While no other details have been released, we can only imagine that the new show will be just as exciting, if not more so, than The Legacies. Keep a watch out for more information as it becomes available.

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